Jul 28, 2010

The longest 3 months of my life.

I am pleased to announce that my three month self inflicted shopping ban has FINALLY ended!!!!!!!! Three months of walking into stores, getting only what I needed and walking right out. Three months of being tempted by the change of season clothing like sundresses, shorts, tank tops and sandals. I can't say that I was a good girl the entire time. I came close to cheating SEVERAL times. Once, I was shopping with my sisters and mom (I do not recommend this if you're on a shopping ban. It's no fun to watch other people buy clothes). I found this fabulous navy blue and white peasant top that I could just picture with a white pair of shorts or a pair of jeans and a cute pair of flats. It had been a horrible week and the darn shirt was on clearance for an amazing $11. Against my better judgement, I picked the shirt up and carried it to the dressing room. Against my better judgement, I tried the shirt on. Just my luck, it looked fabulous. I walked around the store, shirt in hand and internal debate going on in my head. "You don't really need the shirt." "But it's so pretty!" "You're on a shopping ban." "It's so cheap!!" "You'll feel guilty after you buy it..." The argument continued as I walked up to the cash register. I could just feel the judgement being passed by my sister and mom. My rational side prevailed and I reluctantly walked back to the clearance rack and returned the shirt...a cute bargain for someone to find other than me. Temptation number two came in the form of a white linen dress at TJMaxx. Again, I ran into the clearance monster. It was adorable. It was perfect for summer. I could just picture wearing it to some of dad's campaign activities. I had a pair of bronze heels that would look AMAZING with this dress. Again, I made a trip to the dressing room (obviously, I'm a glutton for punishment). Twenty minutes of wandering around the store, I finally put the dress back and sulked out of the store. There are a million of little temptation stories I could share...a cute pair of shoes here, a jacket there....but the end of the story is, I resisted! I celebrated on Sunday by walking around Fayette Mall to BUY THINGS! Not just walk around and admire and feel jealous, but actually buy myself something. I ended up with two Anne Taylor shirts (both under $15, score!), a pair of flats and a pair of sandals. And I felt redeemed. I proved to myself that I could go three months without buying something for myself. I proved to other people that I was not materialistic and didn't have to buy a new article of clothing every time I made a trip to town. I can now go in a store and not feel the temptation to buy something every time. I can ignore the red clearance signs and just pick one thing. These past three months have been good for me. Unfortunately, I don't have a higher bank account balance due to my recent stomach issues, but my personal sense of accomplishment more than made up for it. So watch out malls! I'm free to shop again!!!


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