Oct 30, 2010

I have a super mommy.

Campaigning has taken over my life. Everything in my life, besides getting my father elected, has taken a back seat...and I'm sure it's been much to my husband's dismay. No more homemade dinners ready when he gets off work, no more spotless house, no more freshly laundered towels and work clothes. My business has picked up in orders, due to the Christmas season fast approaching, and I can't find the time to sit down and write my name, much less paint a sign for someone. McDonald's drive-thru has become my new dinnertime hotspot. I do a weekly clean-out of my car and find an array of items ranging from clothing to shoes to water bottles to bumper stickers. As limited as my free time is and as stressed as I feel about this entire election, I realize that my stress and exhaustion level absolutely pale in comparision to that of my mother's. I always admired my mom and her ability to multi-task and get many things done while being a community volunteer and a parent to three girls. But through this election, I've discovered that my mother is secretly Superwoman. She has basically become dad's campaign manager. She keeps up with his day-to-day activities, always knowing where he needs to be and what the required dress code is for the event. She has turned her home into campaign central, painstakingly organizing each voting precinct and ensuring that we know which doors we will be hitting each day. She is always aware of how many brochures, door hangers, bumper stickers and yard signs are in stock and who wants one of each. During this campaign, she celebrated both her birthday and her wedding anniversary by walking door to door and telling people about my dad. All without a complaint. My entire family has spent the last year talking about my dad--what an amazing person he is, what kind of senator he'll be, why people should elect him--all while my mom has stood in the back and supported him. Politics aren't her thing. She wouldn't be the first one to talk about a political race or say that she enjoyed a political debate. And despite that fact, she's been by dad's side from day one. So here's to you, mom. Thank you for showing everyone (not just me) what a loving, supportive wife looks like. So vote Dennis Parrett for State Senator, not only because he's a great guy, but because his wife is an amazing person too. :)


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