Feb 1, 2011

Baby, oh baby.

Crazy how time flies and crawls at the same time when you're pregnant. Crazy how little else seems to matter except eating constantly, getting enough rest (impossible) and keeping TUMS within arms reach at all times. Crazy how I have actually turned crazy (stupid hormones). I saw pregnant people everywhere before I was pregnant. Watched them as their bellies slowly expanded and listened to their endless tirades about back pain and heartburn. Yet, as I witnessed the changes, I never thought about the daily things that a pregnant woman goes through. Until now. No one tells you about the constant heartburn, the inability to be around any odor, the uncomfortable feeling every time you lay down, the feeling when your stomach is stretching out....all the not so pleasant things about being an expectant mom. Yes, I knew morning sickness was a side effect, but no one told me I'd be sick ALL DAY LONG. Or that it would last this long....it's been like having the flu for 2 solid months. No one told me that I would be a crazy, hormonal psycho that cries at the drop of a hat and then is inexplicably angry the next. No one told me that I would feel so incredible guilty for feeling so miserable all the time and not being able to really ENJOY this pregnancy. I see all of these people on facebook gushing about their pregnancy like they really wouldn't mind being pregnant every day for the rest of their lives. Why am I not that excited? I feel like I was jipped! Why didn't I know about all these horrors before this little bun started baking in the oven? Because none of it really matters. Because I know that in 6 months, he or she will be here and all of the miserable moments of the entire 9 months will be completely forgotten. Because whenever I get weekly updates on what the baby is up to: "This week, baby is the size of a lemon and is sucking it's thumb!" I'm completely in awe that something like that is growing inside of me. That boy or girl, this baby is going to be a mix of Marty and I...and I, for one, cannot wait to see what our mini-me is going to look like. Because I can't wait to see my parents faces when I give them their first grandchild. Because I know (or at least I really, really, REALLY hope) that in a few weeks, the 1st trimester sickness will be fading away. And then I am told that energy will abound and I can focus on fun things like getting our house ready for the baby and buying all his/her clothes (oh my goodness, we are going to be so incredible broke). Because, no matter what I'm going through right now, I know it's going to be completely worth it. So, little baby Gaddie...you may be making me completely, 100% miserable right now, but I love you anyway. :)
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Holli said...

this is like a wedding count down. lol

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