Apr 5, 2011

Cloth diapering=crazy mommy?

Why is it that everyone looks at me like I have three heads when I mention that I'm thinking about using cloth diapers? No, I'm not a "hippie mom" that's against disposables, I just like the idea of not spending as much on disposables when I can just wash and reuse the cloth diapers. Call me old fashioned, but I love the idea of cloth diapering. And it's not like they're the plain, jane white burp cloth-like diapers from days of old. Have you seen the new cloth diapers? They are super freaking cute! You can get them in all kinds of prints to match babies' outfits or let them be super stylish when they're crawling around in nothing but a diaper!

Yes, there are a few issues when looking at cloth diapers. 1. When purchasing them for the first time, they can be expensive. Some brands charge $18 for just one little diaper cover! That doesn't include any inserts or multiple diapers. Just one diaper. I think that's crazy. But the more I research, the more options I'm finding (and boy are there a BUNCH of options out there!!). The best deal I've found so far has been SunBaby diapers. (http://sunbabydiapers.com/) 12 diapers with 24 diaper inserts for $78. Before you throw a fit, that's just $4 a diaper. I'll spend more than that on disposables. Especially since I can reuse these until they fall apart! I'm also looking into the old fashioned cloth diapers and then keeping them closed with a Snappi (oh, the things people think of now!) http://www.snappibaby.com/products/snappidiaperfastener.html Issue number 2. The mess. When using cloth diapers, you have the diaper itself and then cloth liners that you slide in and out of a pocket in the diaper. I'm not so fond of the idea of having to reach into a dirty diaper and pull out the liner to clean it off. I also get a little grossed out about the idea of actually cleaning off the diaper. But I need to be a tougher mommy. Just the idea of blood and throw up and guts is enough to send me running to the bathroom. Not really an option when Avery will come running up to me with a snotty nose. Or when I change her first not-so-neat diaper. Or when she spits up on me for the first time. Like it or not, I'm going to have to start dealing with the really yucky things. #3. More laundry. Everyone has said that the biggest part of using cloth is the increased laundry you'll be doing. Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but won't you be doing more laundry anyway when a baby comes? I've heard I'll be doing laundry all the time because the second you get a clean outfit on the baby, they spit up on it. Why not add a few little diaper inserts to the pile? Baby clothes are little and don't take up that much room in the wash, I can't imagine that it will increase my washing time and water use enough for me to notice a difference.

At first, cloth diapering was just an idea I was throwing around to save a little money. Now, it's become more of a "I AM going to use cloth diapers" kind of thought. I guess I'll just have to get used to the skeptical, "oh, you're a hippy" look and the "you're wasting your time" kind of speeches. Yes, I'm doing it more for the money saving aspect than the save the enviroment one, but it might be nice to become a little more green in the process......I'll let you know how my venture into the unknown world of cloth diapering goes!


Kayla Rae said...

Devan, I know we haven't talked but I too am thinking about cloth diapering - for the money saving aspect as well. People do give the craziest looks about it! I am thinking of easing into it, maybe trying a few here or there and seeing if it's really for me before I make the full on "plunge".

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