May 9, 2012

The day has finally come.

I.  Did.  It.  My junk room no longer exists.  Instead, I have my office/crafting room back.  There are still a few organizational/storage projects that I'd like to do, but, for the most part, this room is d.o.n.e.  And I can breathe again.  I can actually walk through the room to get a pencil or pick out a dress for Sunday church instead of crawling over boxes and hangers and God knows what else.  I feel accomplished.  Organized.  Successful.  And....dare I say it?  Supermommy-ish.  Without further ado, pictures.
Before.  Yikes.
Do you see why I was having mental breakdowns??

Now.....the new, improved and clutter-free room!  *drumroll*
My new favorite piece of furniture.

The corner desk is AWESOME.  It fits so many things: binders, books, folders, file boxes.  If could spend all day, every day here, I would.  The red "baskets" you see are from Target.  They're actually made of a rubber material and are super flexible.  I bought three and am trying to find excuses to buy more.  I stored pieces of wood for painted signs and mailing supplies in these. 
Organized.  *sigh*  And don't worry...the canvases are getting a home soon.

I may have a slight storage tote addiction....
Are these pictures making you feel as good as they make me feel??  It's organized.  I can SEE things.  Better yet, I can see my floor (did you even notice I had white carpet in the before pictures?)!   It's okay....I had forgotten too.  If you're embarking on your own organizational quest, I recommend Target.  I could have spent Avery's inheritance on totes and labels and file boxes, but their storage and organizational options are endless.  And pretty stylish too.  {note the black chevron patterned boxes in the picture above and to the side....who wouldn't be happy when using that to store their junk??} 
My "Sheriff's Office" antique find :)))

I'm super proud of myself.  I set out to do something and I accomplished it.   I realize that my office isn't the Pinterest-worthy room I hoped for, but it's a million and ten times better than it was.  When I have more time, I'll work more on the design of the room and not simply just cleaning it up.  Until then, next on my list is cleaning up the outside of my house.  Before and after pictures will be included. Thanks for keeping me accountable and giving me a reason to improve my home and make it better for the three of us who live here.  I hope I've inspired some of you to do the same with your junk room.  It's not that bad, I promise.  And the results are wellllllll worth the work and time. 


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