Jun 10, 2012

Blog posts...written by God?

Do you ever hear God talking and you just ignore it, blaming it on concidence or your own thoughts leading you to a conclusion that you're looking for?  Not so, my friend.  God speaks, it's your choice whether or not you want to stop trying to control everything and listen to Him.  Unfortunately, for too long I've tried to do everything myself.  Avery doesn't sleep--I read parenting books for solutions, listen to the advice of other moms, let her cry it out, give her cereal before bed, let her sleep on the couch with her daddy, read some more parenting books.  My house is a wreck--I get mad, I blame it on Marty, I make excuses and that I'm too exhausted from working my daytime job and dealing with Avery, I complain that I shouldn't be the only one to handle all the homemaking.  Things happen that are out of my control--I ask "Why me?,"  I panic, I plan, I over-think and over-analyze.   Not once is my first reaction to stop and pray.  To ask God to ease my burden and help me through my problem.  I'm not embarassed to tell you this because I'm finally admitting that I'm not a Supermommy.  No matter how hard I try, I cannot control everything in my life and make things completely perfect.  I have a Father for that.  A Father who has cared for and loved me from the very moment I was stitched in my mother's womb.  He "knew the plans He had for me" and what was in store for my life.  So, why on earth do I think that I can handle my life  better than He who created all things??  Here lately, I've been feeling so overwhelmed.  Like there's too much going on in my life and, instead of trying to make things positive and look at the brighter side and hope for the best, I want to give it all up.  I want to quit and complain that life is too hard and I shouldn't be expected to handle all that's coming our way.  Do you think it was easy for Jesus to come to earth and die for you?  To be nailed to a cross just so you and I can have eternal life?  So who am I to complain about my 10 month old's lack of sleep or my piles of laundry?  God has been talking to me a lot lately, and I've been ignoring Him.  Whether it's through my Sunday school lesson or an email from my SIL, He's been there.  Like a little child, I've stuck my fingers in my ears and turned away.  Until today.  I found a new blog called Aunt Ruthie's Sugar Pie Farmhouse, which posts about making your home into a Southern farmhouse and being a homemaker.  You wouldn't think that would be the place that God would choose to talk to me...but He did.  I came across this post about finding the motivation to do things that we deem as being "too hard" or not taking care of our homes because we "don't feel like it."  Lord knows I'm all too guilty of that.  I think that I can justify those 6 loads of dirty laundry sitting in the floor because I've had a long day or I have to cook dinner.  The entire post got my attention.  "Be the mama you want to be (even when you don't feel like it)" and "Tending to the hearth and home is a gift of LOVE" were all screaming out like they were written especially for me.  It was a wake-up call to my current attitude.  Unfortunately, the temperature in my house lately has been on too hot, with me being irrational and angry.  Don't I want to create a warm and cozy environment for my family to live in?  It was like God was talking right to me.  He was telling me "Listen.  I'm talking to you.  I've given you a husband, a child, a home.  I've blessed you by making you a wife and a mother.  There are duties that go with these cherished titles.  Do them and be happy while you're at it.  And above all my child, stop complaining."  Nothing like your Heavenly Creator telling you to suck it up and stop whining about things.  I've been terrible to be around lately because I've been so focused on the things that weren't going the way I wanted them to...when all along, they've been going the way He wants.  I heard a quote in our last Sunday school lesson that seems pretty appropriate: "If everyone were to throw their problems out into the middle of the room for all to see, you'd be quick to grab your own problems back."  Im going to stop my complaining and face situations head-on....by getting on my knees and praying about them first.  And to cherish the jobs that the Lord has given me.  Not everyone gets to experience the blessing of marriage or the wonder of motherhood.  I need to cherish the moments that I'm given and treat them with love and joy.  Message received Lord.


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