Jul 30, 2012

Hot Messing it all up in here.

Hot Mess Monday---and yes, I realize that it's almost Tuesday when I'm posting this.  It's been a "hot mess Monday" in every literal sense of the word!  Onto the update!

Original weight:  142.5
Last week:  138.8
This week:
Wow.  Pedicure, anyone?
Weight loss from last week:  2.2 lbs
Overall weight loss:  5.9 lbs
Pretty darn good, if you ask me.  But I have a loooooong way to go.
Biggest challenges this week:  Portion size.  I am a terrible judge of how much of a particular item I'm supposed to have.  I'm seriously thinking about signing up for Weight Watchers Online to help me with that.  
How I've lost weight this week:
{1}  I've tried to make a conscious effort to before more active.  Less snacking, less TV and sitting on the couch, more cleaning around the house and dancing to music on my iPod (yes, really).
{2}  Less fast food.  I'm really trying to get to the point where the idea of the McDonald's Drive Thru turns my stomach.  Baby steps.
That's about it.  Between my daughter's birthday and my cousin's wedding, I haven't even had time to think about working out, much less do it.
Now, here's my "before" pictures.  I just want you to know that I had to actually give myself a pep talk to post these on here.  These are more for me than anyone else.  It's pictures for me to look at and use for motivation.  *deep breath* I cannot believe I'm about to do this.....
This outfit is one that I wore back in my ballet days.  It's my hope to fit into it again....and look skinny in it again. 
Goals this week: 
-->Work on the baby fat.
-->Tone my arms.  I've noticed in recent pictures that my arm looks gigantic...and unproportionate (is that a word?).  My arm looks like it's taking up the entire picture and it's the first thing I notice when I see a picture of myself.  That's gotta stop.
See you guys next Hot Mess Monday!


Bonnie jay said...

I know exactly how you feel. I didn't have to worry about any of this before I had a baby. My weight came off easily, but it's hard to accept the other changes that come with mommy hood. Don't be too hard on yourself. I like to go for walks with Maximus. I know it's hot out there, but if you go early morning or late evening it's kind of nice!

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