Aug 24, 2012

High Five for Friday {week 7}

Despite my current state of sickness and attempting to hack up a lung, this week has been pretty darn great.  So let's get to it, shall we?  (linking up with Lauren, as usual!)

I discovered Fruit and Maple oatmeal at McDonald's this week.  Since starting my weight loss journey, I've become painfully aware of how many calories were in my favorite foods.  As a result, McDonald's breakfasts have been pretty much off-limits.  If I ran out of time in the morning and was forced to make a stop at the Golden Arches, I would order a Sausage McMuffin.  Tired of that, I wanted to try something different.  Enter the creamy, warm goodness of the Fruit and Maple oatmeal.  *sigh*  I'm craving it right now.  And it's 1 in the afternoon. So yummy.
We went to the Kentucky State Fair yesterday and spent all day sampling the fried foods, enjoying the handmade entries, checking out the animals (Avery made sure to "moo" at every cow we passed).  But my favorite part was a little petting zoo for children tucked back in the corner.  They had the standard donkey and baby calf for kids to ooooh and ahhh over....and then there were the ducklings.   In the middle of the floor, a large galvanized tub had been filled full of water and baby ducks.  In the midst of the water was a slide-like contraption for the ducks to play on.  They would climb up one end and try to reach some food located at the top of the slide.  To try to get the food, the ducklings would have to jump up to get it--which, in turn, caused them to fall down the slide.  It was HILARIOUS.  My mom and I were probably laughing harder than any child around us.  I could have stayed for hours watching them....and my little Avery, who was in utter fascination of the sliding ducks.
Speaking of Avery, I didn't realize I had such a diva on my hands.  My mom has a plastic crown at her house and my little princess loves to wear it any chance she gets.  Future beauty queen?
I made homemade pizza the other night.  Flatten out some biscuit dough and top it with whatever your little heart desires.  I chose green peppers, spinach, banana peppers and tomatoes.  Amazingly easy, fast and yummy.

My Disney-doodled planner never fails to put me in a good mood.  This week's doodle:  Up. :)
Here's to Fridays and hoping that I can kick whatever sickness I have that's decided to be cool and linger on for almost 3 weeks now!


Nicholl Vincent said...

their oatmeal is so good!

Happy Sunday! Drop by and say hello!

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