Aug 6, 2012

Hot Mess {week 4}

Hot Mess Monday!  And I've felt every bit of the "hot mess" part this weekend....but that story is to come later....

Starting weight:  142.5
Last week:  136.6
What I saw on the scale this morning:
I edited out my feet this time.  You're welcome.
Well pooh. 
I didn't take a picture of myself this week because my flab is the same.  Exactly the same.  Grrr.
Biggest challenges this week:  Being away from home and eating healthy.  Thanks to a new app (more on that in a second), I've been tracking my calories and I know what's good for me when I'm eating dinner at home and when I'm packing my lunch for work.  Eating at a restaurant is a little more challenging.  For example, what do you eat at a Mexican restaurant when you always order a beef chimichanga and you have NO idea what the calorie count is?  Working on that.
What I think worked: 
{1}  Well, I didn't lose anything this week, obviously, but I do feel like I'm eating healthier thanks to a new app that I downloaded.  It's called "My Fitness Pal."  When I first added it to my apps, it asked me my current weight, goal weight, my job activity level (sedentary, dang it) and how much I wanted to lose (a pound a week) and then set a daily calorie consumption.  I'm allowed 1,500 calories a day.  It sounds easy, but I'm here to tell you people, it isn't.  AT. ALL.  When you're used to grabbing the occasional breakfast at McDonald's or a bag of frosted animal crackers when that 3 pm hunger pain hits, you don't realize how many calories you're actually eating during the day.  This app has made me aware of everything I'm putting in my mouth, how many calories it contains and how many I'm leaving myself for the rest of the day.  Also helpful when I know I'm going out for dinner that night because I can allot myself more calories for dinner by eating a smaller and healthier breakfast.  It's been ridiculously helpful and I feel like more weight is going to fall off because of it.

{2}  Remember my goal to "break-up" with the McDonald's drive-thru?  Currently, our relationship is very much on the rocks.  I've been there once this week and that was to get a Dr. Pepper this morning.  He can cry all he wants to, but I'm definitely not missing that jerk.
Goals this week:
-->Start exercising.  I've set a exercise schedule for the week.  It goes a little something like this:
Monday--Walk the neighborhood with Avery....possibly join a local yoga class
Tuesday--Just Dance or Wii Fit and Couch to 5K workout at the parentals
Wednesday--Arm flab workout
Thursday--Repeat of Tuesday
Friday--Cardio DVD
Saturday--Couch to 5K workout

-->Research healthy breakfasts.  Make ahead options are always a winner in my book.

Til next week my hot messes!


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