Sep 7, 2012

High Fives {week 9}

Friday High Fives!

I live in Kentucky.  Here, we have a gigantic rivalry between the Kentucky Wildcats and the Louisville Cardinals.  Like "I can't be friends with you if you root for the opposing team" kind of rivalry.  I am a die-hard, bleed blue alumni of the University of Kentucky.  The sun rises and sets on Kentucky basketball.  Somehow, I married a Louisville fan.  Our child is going to be so confused.
After much convincing, my cousin is starting a new blog!  She's still under construction, but it's been fun helping her design her blog and give her some of the tips I wish someone had told me when I first started.  Check her out in a few weeks when she gets up and running!
Remember a few weeks ago when I told you we were getting a major office remodel at work??  Here's a before and after.  Goodbye hideous 1970s wood paneling and dingy carpet!

Matchbox 20 came out with a new cd on Tuesday.  Their first in a decade.  It's pretty darn good.

This pretty lady is my momma.  She's been there for me for every major moment in my life.  She's listened to me complain, let me whine about my problems and gave me a reality check when I needed one.  I honestly don't know what I'd do without her.  Her birthday is tomorrow and she's planned a super secret trip for her, my sisters and one of her sisters.  I can't wait.  Happy birthday Mom!  I love you!


Amber said...

Hi! Dropping by from H54F!

I love Matchbox 20! I didn't even know they came out with some new music. Your office looks so much better than it did!

Happy Friday!

Sarah Grace said...

such a cute post!

happy friday!

xoxo, sarah grace

Rachel Oliver said...

bill and i are a house divided as well. i have a feeling our offspring will rebel and decide to cheer for tennessee.

and i didn't know people still bought cd's. J/K :)

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