Sep 10, 2012

Hot Mess=Me

If you were to look up the word "Hot Mess" in the dictionary, a picture of me from this week would be right beside it.  I've been hot messing it up all over the place.  Let's get to the weight loss.

Original weight:  142.5
Last week's weight:  133.6
This week:

Loss from last week:  0.4 lbs
Overall loss:  9.3 lbs

Biggest challenges this week:  I'm going to be completely honest with you guys.  I'm surprised I lost this week.  I had to mentally prepare myself to step on the scale this morning because I was expecting a number that was quite a bit higher than my 133.6 from last week.  I ate like crap.  And, as a result, I felt like crap.  For some unknown reason, I cannot sleep.  I wake up in the middle of the night (or my child wakes me) and I cannot. go. back. to. sleep.  I lay there.  I think about all the things I need to be doing.  The checkbook balance.  What I'm going to wear tomorrow out of my 30 items.  What I'm going to get people for Christmas.  Before I know it, I'm getting like 4-ish hours of sleep every night (I'm a 9 hour a night kind of person).  It's exhausting.  It also makes it extremely hard to function as a normal human being during the day.  Enter caffeine--and lots of it.  I have probably been drinking 2-3 "Cokes" a day.  So not healthy.  Also enter drive-thrus.  I'm exhausted, so I don't have the energy or the want to make my lunch in the morning.  So, I've been a regular customer at the McDonald's drive-thru.  I can tell that my body has gotten used to less fast food because yesterday, I felt horrible.  Stomach pains, bloating feelings, the works.  My body was completely telling me "STOP FEEDING ME CRAP!"  So, this morning, I woke up on time and made myself some lunch.  And I've only had one Coke.  Hopefully steps back to being the healthy me that I've been working so hard on.

What worked this week:
{1}  I've started exercising.  I'm working on strengthening my ab muscles again.  After Avery was born, they were pretty much non-existent.  Every night, while I wait for my sleep-aversioned princess to drift off, I lay in her floor with my legs up on her ottoman and I do 100 crunches.  I'm hopefully going to increase the number of crunches and introduce some cardiovascular exercises, because that's where the calories are burned!
{2}  Finding better snacking options.  At work, we have a popcorn machine.  I've been adding dried cranberries to my bag of popcorn.  Healthy, sweet, salty..perfect combination!!  I've also started portioning off my snacks.  Instead of taking a big bag of chips with me to lunch, or to sit on the couch and snack on, I put the portion size in a Ziploc bag and only allow myself that amount of food. 
{3}  Making dinner again.  I had been sadly slacking on my domestic responsibility of making dinner for my family every night night.  I can't remember the last time I'd made dinner for the two of us.  I sat down and made out a grocery list for 2 weeks from healthy recipes I'd collected.  Better than raiding the fridge for junk to eat because Mama didn't make dinner.

I'm not perfect.  I had a crappy week and I will probably pay for it when I step on the scale next Monday.  I can't dwell on it.  Time to shake it off, forget the past week and start fresh.  Back on my journey to being a HOT MAMA!


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