Jan 7, 2013

Hot Mama!! Update!!

Well, ladies and gentleman.  I'm back on the diet track.  Is it fun?  No.  Is it as yummy as eating cheeseburgers and drinking Dr. Pepper?  Absolutely not.  But it's healthier.  And a healthier me means a more confident me.  One that can keep up with my daughter and hopefully be around for a long time because my arteries aren't getting clogged with McDonald's fat. 
Weigh in!
Original weight:  142.5
Last time:  131.4
This week's weight: 
Loss from last week:  1 lb.
Overall lost: 12.1 lbs.

Holy weight loss Batman!  I feel a lot better.  It took a major wake up call for me to get my diet back in gear.  I kind of had the attitude like I didn't care for awhile.  I ate out a lot.  I drank a lot of Cokes.  I ate in excess.  Until I couldn't button my pants one day and my skinny dress that I worked so hard to get back into didn't fit anymore.  Wake. Up. Call.  Ladies and gents, I'm back on the wagon!  And can I make one tiny observation??  This is the least I've weighed since before I had Avery.  I'm at my smallest I've been since starting my "Hot Mess to Hot Mama" journey.  Can I get a high five on that one? *virtual high five*  As awesome as I feel right now, I'm not done yet.  I still have 10 pounds to go before I hit my goal weight.  Think I can do it?


Anonymous said...

Awesome job!!! Think of that skinny dress next time your headed to Mc D's!!

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