Apr 4, 2013

Pizza Blahs.

I promised recipes, and I'm going to deliver....good, bad and ugly. 

I found this recipe on Pinterest--French Bread Pizza--and thought it looked yummy and easy (two things that make a recipe a winning one in my book).  I thought I'd modify it a little and make it my own.  Instead of the French bread loaf from the deli, I picked up a loaf of garlic bread from the freezer section.  Not a wise decision, friends. 

I brought the garlic bread home, unwrapped it and popped it in a 350 degree pre-heating oven just so it could unthaw a little.  After it wasn't so frozen, I took it out and added my toppings:  pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, green pepper and diced tomatoes. 

I cooked it for about 15 minutes on 350. 

Verdict?  It was just okay.  The garlic bread was a little overpowering, to the point that it was all I could taste on some bites.  I should have gone with the French bread loaf from the deli.  It tasted okay and was fairly easy, but I think if I have a craving for pizza, I'm going to be calling up my local Dominos (who has FANTASTIC gluten free pizza BTW) or go another route.  Definitely won't be saving this one to my list of favorite recipes! 

Do you have any fails in the kitchen?  Or recipes that didn't live up to your expectations?  Share!

Update:  this pizza is MUCH better the next day when warmed up in my toaster oven.  Still think I'd go the Dominos-frozen pizza-delivery boy route.


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