Jun 17, 2013

I Love Hobby Lobby (and HL Sales...)

Nothing makes this girl happier than visiting a craft store (okay, maybe a few other things....).  So when I got the opportunity to go to Hobby Lobby this weekend, I was pumped.  I get a strange high from being around that many canvases, fabric spools and brilliant home decor ideas.  Just being there makes me happy.  So you can imagine how I feel when I'm in the craft store and I score a ridiculously awesome deal.  Meet my new clock.

Gahhhh!!!  It's gigantic (seriously--the picture doesn't do it justice...it's at least 20 inches across--if not more), it's covered in burlap and it's antique looking.  Could it be any more perfect?  Actually yes.  Yes, it could.

That sucker was originally $60 and I picked it up for $12 on clearance.  The clock works, but the hands stick and cause them to move when they're not supposed to, but that's just fine with me. Again, it's giant, it's covered in burlap and it's antique-y.   Even if it doesn't keep time, it's PERFECT for my house.  And I've been on the hunt for a statement piece for our living room.

Now, put on your imagination goggles with me for a second.  There's a super long wall spanning from my dining room into my living room that has two double doors along the wall going out to the screened in porch, but there's still a long wall that was devoid of any decorations whatsoever.  The previous homeowner (aka my aunt) had her TV on that wall with the furniture facing it.  When we moved in, I looked at that wall for our TV, but realized, because of the placement of the room, I wouldn't be able to center my couch with the TV if we did that...BIG problem for my OCD.  So we switched the room around and left this wall alone.  Here's where the imagination goggles need to be on.  (FYI, I apologize for this terrible picture.  I was trying to take it in between Avery's "I hold you!" whines).

You ready for my plans?  My mom has an old white wooden mantle in her basement that I'm going to steal  borrow with permission from her.  It needs a new top and probably a fresh coat of paint.  I'm going to tell ask Marty sweetly if he and his cousin (who is a whiz with wood and silly projects I hope to accomplish) will mount it centered on the wall.  I'm picturing two small printed chairs on each side and beautiful decorations on top.  Finally, I'm going to take a scrap piece of plywood, cover it in chalkboard paint and put it in the "fireplace."


Saw this idea in one of my mom's magazines last year around Christmas (Country Living? BHG?) and fell in love and have been obsessing over the idea ever since.

If I can get everything to work out (mom letting me have it, husband painting and mounting it...), I hope to have after pictures soon!!


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