Jul 1, 2013

My Behind-the-Scenes

Someone told me once that when they read my blog, they imagined that my house was perfectly clean, organized and decorated.  Hoo boy.  I'm here to tell you.  That's 100% wrong.  Dead wrong, in fact.

I've made the mistake before of reading a blog and imagining that the writer was completely perfect.  Spotless house, perfect kids, doting husband, the works.  I found myself comparing my life to theirs quite often and always falling short.

So, for the sake of being completely honest with you guys....wanna see my house?  Just to prove that this blogger isn't perfect and (is currently) a terrible housekeeper?

I was in a wedding last weekend.  I came home, threw my suitcase in this chair and have been digging stuff out of it ever since.

Also, can I get a shoutout from anyone else that MUST try on every article of clothing in their closet when they're going somewhere important?  Thus, all the clothes on the back of the chair.  I had to dress up (something I've obviously forgotten how to do) and literally tried on every possible outfit combination I owned.  These are the castoffs.

A giant load of towels that was taking over my bathroom floor, so I moved them to the bedroom.

I took a quick trip back to the FFA Convention yesterday and had to throw on some makeup and clothes.  I didn't have time to put anything back.....and that's why my bathroom looks like this.
Note:  right after taking this picture, I had a panic attack over it and cleaned everything off the countertop.  The floor, however?  Looks exactly the same.

See y'all?  And this is just MY room.  You haven't even seen the rest of my house!!  Just because I blog about the good stuff I do (because who wants to hear about the crappy stuff???) doesn't mean that my house (or myself!!) is perfect.  Far from it.  I heard a perfect quote once that helped me stop comparing myself to all those "perfect" bloggers I follow:

"Stop comparing your behind-the-scenes to someone else's highlight reel."

A blog is just that.  Me, talking about my highlight reels.  Talking about a DIY project I was proud of or sharing the details of my daughter's birthday party I planned.  I don't come on my blog and talk about the fight my husband and I got into the night before or the fact that my kid spilled milk on the kitchen floor that left a sticky spot that stayed there for 2 weeks before I finally cleaned it up.  That's my behind-the-scenes.  I screw up (quite often).  I yell at my kid too much or I get on my husband for doing something when I shouldn't.  I mess up dinner and my family eats a bowl of cereal that night.  I run through a drive through and pick up lunch when I know my daughter should be eating healthier.  I'm not perfect...by any stretch of the imagination.  When you see a blogger bragging about the things she's doing....remember:  it's her highlight reel.  We all have behind-the-scenes stuff that make our lives not so pretty....but they also make our lives REAL.  And that's perfect enough for me. 


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