Nov 21, 2013

Christmas List.....For Myself.

I'm really, really terrible at Christmas shopping.

I go searching for things that I think people will want and I end up finding a million things that I want for myself.  I even created a Pinterest board where I pin all the things that I want (within a reasonable price range).  I'm not selfish, I just see a lot of things that I'd like in the process of searching for that "perfect" gift for everyone on my list.  C'mon.  Someone else tell me that they find a bunch of things they want while they're Christmas shopping too....I cannot be the only one.

There's an entire wish list I've created in my head.  It's called My "Things I Really Want, But Need to Save Money for Because I'm Not Asking People for Such Silly Gifts for Christmas" Wish List.

Like these.

1.)  I have an addiction to planners.  I seriously buy one every couple of months.  I get one, get tired of it, buy a new one for the next 4 months or so.  Wasteful, yes.  I know.  But I just have a deep love of planners and all different styles.  This is a box set from Moleskin where you have a brand new, color coded planner for every single month.  I WANT THIS.

Problem.  It's $39.99 regular price.  Today ONLY, it's on sale on for only $24.99.  This makes me feel like I should take advantage of the deal and buy it for myself.  I'd hate someone to have to spend $40 on it when I can get it for $15 less.  Right?  That makes total sense.....right??

2.)  *deep sigh*  This beauty is from of my favoritest websites EVER.  If I'm ever having a crappy day, I go on there and just look at the fun, witty stuff they've come up with and build a wish list in my head.  This particular item though?  I've been eyeing for a good while.  I debated on buying it for months, it ended up getting sold out, I signed up for an email notification to let me know when it came back in stock, it came back in stock....and I still haven't bought it.  I can't justify spending $35 on myself for something like this.  But I love it so much.  It's vintage an old card catalog from my middle school library.  And I'm sick of picking coats up off the kitchen table and the backs of chairs.  Still, it's not a necessity...yet.  Maybe a few more months before I decide I just have to have it for my entry way.

3.)  Francine Rivers, without a doubt, is my favorite author of all time.  I have a lot of favorite books...the Harry Potter series, The Giver, A Gentle Thunder by Max Lucado....but nothing even comes close to things that Francine Rivers has written.  I've read all of her books.  Most of them multiple times.  If you've never read her work, start with Redeeming Love.  Then read A Voice in the Wind, followed up with the sequel, An Echo in the Darkness.  Then Atonement Child.  Heck, you cannot go wrong with anything she's written (just please promise me you'll start with Redeeming Love).  This is her new book, Bridge to Haven.  You can't even buy it yet...just pre-order.  It won't be available until April 22, 2014.  And I'm still tempted to go ahead and spend the $14.99 to make sure I get a copy.  *siiiiiigh*

4.)  This one pangs me a little.  I literally came thiiiiiiiiiiis close to getting this Dooney and Bourke vintage-inspired Disney World iPad case from my mom for Christmas.  It was originally $90 and Disney was offering a coupon code for that day.  Free shipping and like 30% off your order (I can't remember if that was the actual percentage off, but it made it way cheaper than it was to begin with).  I called my mom, told her that I found one of my three items I wanted for Christmas

(side note: since as long as I can remember, my parents have told my sisters and I that we are only allowed to ask for three things for Christmas.  If three gifts was good enough for Baby Jesus, then it's good enough for us).

My mom agreed to buy it, I had her credit card number in hand and was literally clicking on the button to check out....when the website informed me that the coupon code and free shipping didn't apply to Dooney and Bourke purses.  Now I'm not asking for it out of principle.  I'm mad at you, Disney Store.

5.) Here's the really unreachable one, considering shipping alone from IKEA to Kentucky would cost a good $30 or more.  And the closest IKEA store to me is Cincinnati.  That's three hours away.  Not exactly a "let's run to town" trip in a single day.  But, as I've mentioned before, I'm without a place to craft.  When we moved into our new house, we turned the smaller 3rd bedroom into Avery's playroom (which I hope will eventually become a nursery).  This leaves me without an office/craft room.  Which also leaves me crafting at the kitchen table every night.  I know it's not a necessity, but I would LOVE a place that I can call my own.  That I can decorate and make creative and can be an inspirational place that pushes me to create and paint.  Right now, that would be our unfinished basement.  Since we don't have any plans to finish our basement any time soon, I don't forsee getting an office.  Thus, eliminating the need for a desk.  But it would be really, really nice to have everything stored in a single place that was dedicated to crafting, instead of sitting on my kitchen table and countertops.  And this desk would fit the bill....desk space and storage all in one.  I'm picturing something like this....this desk with another EXPEDIT bookshelf in the back for more storage.

Be still my organizational loving heart.  Maybe one day.

And then I get my medical bills and realize that I don't need to be asking for anything for Christmas anyway.  Just send money.


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