Mar 27, 2014

Disney Love.

The Internet is a wonderful place.  It has Pinterest, it has shopping, it has news, it has videos of people that are obviously way funnier than's just a great place (most of the time)...and it has a variety of awesome Disney things that make my little Walt-loving heart oh-so happy.  In honor of the Internet and it's wonderful Disney offerings, I thought I'd round up my favorite Disney things on the World Wide Web in a list for you to peruse and enjoy. :)

In no particular order:

1.  This video, of two parents singing "For the First Time in Forever" from Frozen.  They also have another video on their YouTube channel where they sing "Love is an Open Door" (also from Frozen).  It's equally hilarious.

I can't decide what's funnier.  The fact that they're doing this, or that their child in the backseat has no idea what's going on in the front.  Wonder if I can convince Marty to do this.....

2.  These candles from Walter and Rosie on Etsy.  Disney-inspired scented candles.  I need them ALL.

3.  This picture from AnastassiaArt on Etsy.  It's expensive.  I'd never be able to justify a purchase like this, but I'm dying to have it for Avery's room.  It doesn't match the colors in her new "subtly Princess/Disney movie" themed room I'm very, very slowly working on, but I love it so much.
4.  This CD of music from the Disney Parks.   Problem:  the CD is $36.90 on Amazon and $19.99 on iTunes.  But it's a full two disc CD of music from Disney rides and attractions.  I want it.  BAD. 
5.  This Winnie the Pooh inspired umbrella pin on Pinterest (originally from 
I've been looking for a Disney umbrella for awhile.  But I want a subtle Disney umbrella, not an "in-your-face, Mickey is plastered all over the place" umbrella.  To find a subtle Disney print, adult sized umbrella is virtually impossible.  This pin is inspiring me to make one of my own.  In my creatively overloaded brain, I'm picturing hundreds of different options.  How can I ever choose??
6.  This webpage that has all the theme songs from the Disney shows of my childhood:
I now feel REALLY old and really nostalgic.  Someone go find me an episode of Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers to enjoy.  To the kids of today:  your TV has NOTHING on the kid's shows from the 90s.  Thanks for trying, though.
Just a little Disney magic to brighten your day!


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