Apr 16, 2014

Kitchen remodel decisions.

Well.  Looks like I'm back with another installment of "Devan Can't Make Kitchen Remodel Decisions to Save Her Life."  (I'll work on a catchier name for that).

Since my last post about decisions that needed to be made, I hadn't made much headway on our remodel plans.  The builder we had lined up encountered some health issues and put the plans on hold.  So I decided to take a break from looking at kitchens.  Backsplashes, countertops, paint colors....they were all starting to make my head spin.

We received the good news this week that our builder is cleared to work and he'll be starting next week on our kitchen.  [cue freak out mode].  Now, I have to start making decisions.

I thought I had settled on the countertop and colors of the upper and lower cabinets.  Remember these?

I thought these were solid locks when it came to choices for the kitchen.

Until Marty and I went to Lowe's to look at kitchen sinks.

You should know before I start this story that, when I think of my absolute "Dream Kitchen," it includes a white farmhouse, apron front sink.  You should also know that white farmhouse sinks can cost from $700 and up.  After researching a few options online, I decided that a farmhouse sink was definitely not happening unless 1.  We wanted to go into massive debt over a sink (not an option).  or 2.  Marty won the lottery (he doesn't even play).  Goodbye, beautiful sinks.
Hellllloooo beautiful.

I had pretty much resigned myself to brushed nickel/silver looking sinks.  Ugh.  Not my favorite, but I guess I could get a single basin sink, or somehow make it...prettier?  Idk.

So, we walk in Lowe's last night.  And I see WHITE CAST IRON DROP IN SINKS.  Not apron front, but still white. I didn't even know this was an option.  I'm in love.  Our current sink is only 7 inches deep.  This one is 9.625 inches deep.  HUGE difference.

I was ready to load it in the cart and leave.  Until I got out my paint samples and countertop choice.  And I started thinking......a white sink, with off white cabinets and possibly a light/tan/off white backsplash?  This sounds like a disaster.  

So, I started looking around at some of the options.  While they did have the standard silver colored sinks, they also had some really dark colored sinks too.  Black and some dark grey looking ones.  "That could work, right?"  

I finally decided on a single basin dark grey granite sink (pictured below).  And I thought that was that.  

Until I got home.  

I could not stop thinking about that white cast iron sink.  It's *close* to the farmhouse sink of my dreams.  No, it's not an apron front, but it IS white.  And country-feeling.  And I'm obsessed with it.  I wanted that sink.  I was not married in any way to the "Burnished Clay" color of the upper cabinets.  It made little sense to base my decisions around a cabinet color that could be changed easily. 

So, white cast iron sink it is.  One decision now made.  

Now, to rethink the color options.  

Instead of the Burnished Clay for the upper cabinets, I'm now thinking white. 

Juniper Berries (by Behr) on the bottom cabinets, White (whatever paint color works best) on the upper cabinets, Wilsonart Laminate 4550K-01 countertops, Kohler Hartland white cast iron double basin sink.  

Whoa.  Four decisions made. 

Now, the backsplash remains.  Marty and I have decided to wait on it.  Once everything is in our kitchen and we can look at all the elements together (I'm a visual person, 100%), then we'll make a decision on what looks best in the space between the countertops and cabinets (it's a pretty small amount of space anyway....we're talking less than foot probably).  For now though, I'm realllllllllly leaning towards a beadboard backsplash. 

(I originally saw the idea on thriftydecorchick.blogspot.com--my newest design blogger obsession).  

It's original, it's simple, it's clean, it's SO much cheaper than a tile or stone option.  I'm really, really loving this look.  My only hesitation is that it might be too much white with the white cabinets and white sink.  So, we wait until it's all installed and make a decision from there.

I'm actually getting excited about this.

***Next day update from my husband***
Marty just texted to let me know that he talked to a plumber friend of his.  We might not have the room under the sink for the 9.625 inch deep cast iron sink, depending on how our under the sink plumbing is set up.  I may cry.  If you ever hear me say I want to build a house, punch me in the face.  You have my permission.


Barry Godfrey said...

Great choices, Devan! I know how hard it is to decide on interior designs, especially when you wanted the best for your home. However, it's not just the design that matters, but the installations and plumbing that goes with your fancy sink. You'll be loving your new sink if it's properly installed and clog-free! :)

Barry Godfrey

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