May 28, 2014

Clothing Review: The Pixie pants from Old Navy

Normally, I'm not the "product promoter" type.  Sure, there's plenty of daily products or items in my life that I'm super happy about, but nothing that I've ever felt compelled to do a product review on.

Until today.

Let me back up.  Several months ago, I read a blog post that I found on Pinterest about "How to Avoid Mom Jeans."  The entire post was a mom trying on jeans from Old Navy and GAP and declaring that they made her have a "saggy mom butt."  Which is fine.  Hate on Old Navy jeans if you like.  But then she goes on to compare her butt in the ON/GAP jeans to her wearing jeans from Express, 7 for All Mankind, Hudson, etc.  Since these aren't brands that are typically what I'm looking at, I started Googling.

Obviously, this blogger had more money to spend on clothes than I did.  The Express jeans she mentions are $98 retail.  The 7 for All Mankind, $169+; Hudson, $169+; LA Idol, $88; Rock and Republic, $60+.  I'm sorry.  How are you going to compare Old Navy jeans, which can range from $15 to $30, to all these high end designer brands that retail for close to $100?!  OF COURSE they make your rear end look great.  You're dropping a Benjamin on one pair!  This is where I got super irritated.  If you're going to do a review on Old Navy jeans and you're not happy with the fit, give me options that I can purchase for around the same price!  Give me an American Eagle counterpart or a brand from JC Penney's!  Don't send me over to Macy's and tell me to spend part of my kid's college fund on a scrap of denim.  Shew.

Whoops.  That took a ranty-ish turn I wasn't planning on......


I typically wear Old Navy jeans.  Not because they make my junk in the trunk look fabulous (which, it should be noted that I don't have much of a butt to begin with), but because they're comfortable and they're affordable.  Once upon a time, pre-Avery, I would have shopped around, tried jeans on in multiple locations, found the perfect pair that accentuated every curve I wanted it to and bought them.  Now, I'm lucky if I have an hour window in my entire month to go shop for anything, much less jeans.  When I found the Old Navy jeans, they were on sale for $15.  They weren't completely offensive, so I ran with it.  My post-Avery body isn't something I like looking at anyway, so this girl isn't spending a ton of time in dressing rooms any time soon.

This past week, I had finally conceded that I needed new clothes.  My summer clothes options were completely pathetic.  I had a couple short sleeve shirts, tank tops (that always go underneath another shirt...ain't nobody needing to see these arms) and two pairs of pants.  Not shorts.  Pants.  Normally, if I have extra money, it's going towards Avery and her wardrobe.  Shopping for myself could not be avoided any longer.  So on Memorial Day, after I got off work, I headed to Old Navy and GAP to see what I could find.

That's when I discovered.......The Pixie Skinny Ankle pants from Old Navy.  $34.95 (Note:  these pants used to be known as The Diva Skinny Ankle pants, so the label in the pants you pick up in the store might be labeled that way.  Mine were.) When I first picked up the pant, I didn't see anything special about it right off.  They are skinny pants in a variety of colors, made from a cotton/spandex blend material.  Now, in a normal situation, I would shy away from spandex.  You don't wanna see this in spandex.  *shudder*  But I thought these pants were cute, so I decided to give them a try.

When I put them on in the dressing room, I swear the Heavens opened and a glorious light shone down on dressing room number 4, Old Navy Store, Elizabethtown, KY.  These pants are amazing.  Trying clothes is pretty comparable to physical pain for me right now.  I hate my body image, I hate trying on new clothes only to be disappointed in the reflection in the mirror.  But these pants actually make me feel good about the girl in the mirror.  Here's the kicker:  I actually had to go UP a size in these pants.  But I can't even tell.  They are flattering, make me feel skinnier, actually give me a butt....whaaaa??  And they're TOTALLY Audrey Hepburn.  You know the skinny black pants Audrey was constantly photographed in?
The style.  The class.  Those pants.  I die.

These pants make me feel all Audrey inside.  I love 'em.  And for me to brag about an article of clothing is a HUGE deal.

The picture doesn't do these justice.  I bought a pair in the Clay color in the store.  Now I'm seriously contemplating buying the Black Jack and Robbie Red pair too.  In the store, they also have The Pixie cut in Bermuda shorts and 3.5 inch shorts.  I bought one of each.  Every other pair of shorts I tried on from Old Navy made my bottom half look boxy.  I've decided that Hell must be a place that is actually a 360 degree mirror and the Devil just makes you try on shorts all day long.  That'd be my personal version of Hell, anyway.  I had pretty much resigned to the fact that I wasn't finding any shorts that day.  Until I tried on the Pixie cut ones.  The material actually curved to my legs, accentuated my rear and made me feel good in a pair of shorts.  Which I had thought to be impossible.  (Note:  online, only two colors are offered for the 3.5 inch shorts.  In my Old Navy store, there were a variety of colors.  I bought a Kentucky blue pair and debated for awhile over a white with black polka dotted pair, which I finally deemed too impractical).

If you're looking for a flattering casual, yet can be dressed up pair of pants, I HIGHLY recommend these beauties.  And YES.  They're from Old Navy.


Samantha Holter said...

I just bought some and was looking for reviews. Thank you for making me glad I bought the black and red. :)

Unknown said...

I picked up a pair of these slacks in clay at the local Salvation Army for $2.50 the other day. Brand new w/ tags! OMG..upon trying them on, I felt as if the world as I knew it had changed! I actually went DOWN a size and finally have a pair of slacks that fit not only my butt (slight exageration, as I have none), my waist AND my skinny assed legs. I will be hunting down several pair in ALL colors! Even if I have to pay full retail, which is something I never do, hence my original thrift shop purchase.

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