May 22, 2014

Entertaining ideas.

Since my kitchen remodel, I'm finally starting to fall in love with my house. I feel like I've finally put my very own stamp on a section of the house to make it feel like "my home."

Now I'm ready to do that to the rest of the house. Problem? I'm not the most patient person in the world. And we all know that it takes a lot of time and effort and finding that "right" item that fits to make your home feel homey and decorated and effortless. At least, that's what I'm going for anyway. But I want it done now. I want to be able to snap my fingers and have my house look exactly the way I want it to in my head (someone hook me up with the Property Brothers!!). 

Anyway. Instead of having the entire house decorated instantly, I've decided to focus on one item at a time. If my attention is focused on one thing, I do that one task, then move on to a new one. 

Right now, my focus is completely on finding a new entertainment center. This little beauty is hanging out in my living room right now. 

This is the entertainment center that Marty and I picked out when we were engaged.  Not because we were in love with the style....but because it was cheap and we were broke. It's not a bad little entertainment center. It's more than served it's purpose for 5 years now. And I would love it to go to another home soon. For my house, I want something that's more "me."

I've fallen in love with pieces like these:

(Kirklands, $499)

(Wayfair, $321.99. I'm OBSESSED.)

Because I don't have $300+ to drop on an entertainment center (and even if I did, I think I'd feel horribly guilty for spending that much), I'm looking for a homemade or cheaper route.

Here's where I'm leaning:

Pallet entertainment center on casters. I adore the creativity and unique-ness of this. Is it looking though? 

The storage! The country feel! The place for all the DVDs so I can get rid of the stupid DVD bookshelf that's also in the living room (another newlywed registry item). But is it a little too much? Too cluttered? And to do that many crates, that could cost a pretty penny. I might be better off just buying a ready-made piece of furniture. 

I like the idea of repurposing a dresser for a TV table. But Lordy. Thinking about painting a whole dresser for an entertainment center makes me cringe. 

I'm struggling. Which one? Or none of the above? 


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