Oct 2, 2014

Where I've Been.


Life is......


I'm exhausted. 

I haven't been blogging because life is ca-razy right now.  I plan on blogging about most of these things individually, but I'd like to give you a quick glimpse of where I've been and why I haven't been blogging. 

My Cousin Got Married

I am crazy blessed to have very large families on both my mom and dad's sides of the family.  My cousins are like siblings to me.  So you better believe that when my cousin Amanda asked me to be a part of her wedding, I wasn't missing it.  It was a gorgeous wedding of purple, simplicity and a whooooole lot of Journey music.  My favorite picture from the wedding: 

My sister, two cousins and myself.  It makes me a tiny bit teary. 

Avery Turned Three.  And Had a Birthday Party.

I really struggled when Avery turned one and two.  But three seemed like such a natural progression.  Maybe because we'd been knee-deep in three year old attitude for months before her actual birthday?  This is a topic that's going to get lots more blog post time, so I'll leave you with this video of our local morning radio show giving my sweet girl a shout out.  Be still my heart. 

Family Vacation to Seaside, FL.

My aunt and uncle live near Seaside, Florida, and Marty and I hadn't had a family vacation for just our little family in a very long time.  So we loaded Avery up and traveled to the beach for an incredible, MUCH NEEDED family vacation.  We stayed at my aunt and uncle's house, which is also inhabited by three Jack Russell terriers.  Jude, Sal and Lucky.  Jude and Sal LOVED Avery.  If Avery sat down, they sat down right beside her.  If Avery walked into the bedroom, Jude and Sal followed close behind.  

Meet Jude.  He's obsessed with oyster shells and pine cones.  Pine cones aren't allowed in the house, but shells are...and if you throw one for him to catch, he'll be your best friend forever.  Disclaimer:  you have to throw the shells ALL. DAY. LONG.  He never gets tired of it.  I would hear Avery in the other room saying "Otay Jude.  I'm dunna frow it, but dis is da last time, otay??"

Case in point. 

Meet Sal.  Hyper, uncontrollable, but super snuggly.  He just wants to be exactly like Jude and gets a little.....exuberant in his attempts (don't let this picture fool you).  He loooooooooooved Avery.

Despite that, Avery's favorite was Lucky--the oldest dog that basically does her own thing and doesn't give you the time of day unless you're bothering her.  Avery apparently likes to work for attention?

The disinterest.  The disdain.  Avery ADORED her.  Go figure.

I can't decide though, what was Avery's favorite part of the trip:  the beach, or getting to borrow Aunt Elaine's lipstick and purses for dinner.  

Disney World.  Twice.

Marty and I had our Florida trip planned for a little while.  One day, he came home and surprised Avery and I with MagicBands and told us we'd be spending a few days at Disney after our beach trip was over.  Much more on this trip to come.....

Two weeks after I got back from our short Disney trip, I left again for a girl's weekend at Disney World.  There were 10 of us.  We wore matching pink shirts and the "Mean Girls" jokes were rampant.  It was SO. MUCH. FUN.

Harry Potter World

While in Orlando for the weekend, my cousin Emily, sister Dayna and I visited the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter."  Holy crap, guys.  Are you a HP fan?  Do you practice saying "Wingardium Leviosa?"  Have you been dreaming of the owl that will show up at your house with your acceptance letter to Hogwarts?  Then you HAVE to visit HP World at Universal Studios (actually, first, we HAVE to be best friends.  Then go visit HP World).  More on this trip later too.

I Learned How to Arm Knit

It is exactly what it sounds like....knitting, using your arms.  I used this video by Simply Maggie.  Don't let people lie to you.  Crap's not easy.  That video says you can make one in 15 minutes.  Not your first time you won't (unless you're amazingly talented at knitting to begin with.....which I am not.).  It took me an hour.  But, when you do get the hang of it, it's addictive.  I've already bought 4 more skeins of yarn to make more.  

Avery Started Gymnastics

Tuesday is now Avery's favorite day of the week, because it means gymnastics class.  This kid LOVES gymnastics.  She talks about it all week.  She wears her leotard around the house all week. She asks if it's Tuesday all week.   

I'm About to Launch a New "Business"

Some of you may already know, but I have my 28th and Hudson painting "business."  With my crazy life and the amount of time it takes to paint, I haven't been doing much work on that end.  But I still need a creative outlet.  So, I've decided to launch a new business--"28th and Hudson: Hand Lettering."  Do you have wedding, birthday, baby shower, baby announcement, etc invitations to address?  Want something a little more unique than just a name and address on an envelope?  Then I'm your girl!  I'm hoping to launch this weekend, but I have a few paintings to finish up first.  

Finally, I Planned a Wedding.

Not mine, obviously.  About a year ago, a girl I went to college with approached me about the idea of helping plan her wedding.  I've always said that I wanted to be a wedding planner, so this was the perfect opportunity to get my feet wet in the wedding planning world.  Let me tell you.  Helping plan a wedding isn't easy.  I didn't sleep the entire week before and I ended up getting sick that weekend.  But the wedding went off without a hitch and I couldn't have been more pleased with the results.  Do I still want to be a wedding planner?  Ask me in six months.

So.  That's where I've been and why I've been woefully neglectful of my sweet blog.  Maybe soon, I'll get a chance to stop and take a breather and blog regularly again! 


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