Jun 17, 2015

Hudson's Birth-June 11, 2015

Basically. I fell off the face of the blogging earth. Would you like to see why? 

Introducing Mr. Hudson Wayne Gaddie! Born 11 days before his due date, weighing 6 lbs, 6 oz and measuring 19 inches long. 

Pregnancy with Hudson was not so easy. Let me start by saying that I know it could have been worse. I could have suffered from gestational diabetes or preeclampsia or have been put on bed rest. None of those things happened. But this pregnancy was still not easy. Because of that, my blog suffered. I never had anything to talk about, other than how crappy and exhausted I felt...and who wants to read about that??

Hudson's BIRTH, on the other hand? The absolute easiest thing in the world. 

Labor is such a surreal experience. Your adrenaline is going, things are happening so fast. I wanted to take the time, while it's still fresh in my mind, to write it all down. If you don't like birth stories, I suggest you skip this post. I, on the other hand, love to hear about the different experiences that women have in the delivery room. If that's you too, then enjoy!

Wednesday, June 10th 

I woke up that morning, like most other mornings, feeling exhausted. I had extremely painful Braxton Hicks contractions the night before and didn't get much sleep. As a result? I was grumpy. There's no other way to describe it. I was continuing to have contractions the entire time I was at work. At one point, I thought they might be regular, so I started tracking them. As soon as I did, they started getting irregular...and that's when I had my breakdown. Text to my husband that morning:

I was just a very pregnant, very emotional wreck. I think every pregnant woman who gets to full term has that moment where she truly feels like she's going to be pregnant for the rest of her life. I'd reached that point. My contractions were never turning regular, my doctor was talking like she wanted to do an induction the next week--which I really didn't want. I was just struggling. After work, I decided to treat myself to a pool evening. I laid out and then floated around the pool to soak up the sun. I was still having contractions, but I was relaxed about it. He'd come whenever he was ready. 

On Wednesday night I started having contractions, I just knew they were more of the Braxton Hicks, and I ignored them because I didn't want to get myself worked up again. I told Marty they felt close, but that I was going to chug some water and lay on my side because I knew they were bound to go away. After about twenty minutes, they weren't going anywhere and they were getting more intense. So I started tracking them with an app that I had downloaded to my phone. Six minutes apart was the going rate for about 40 minutes. What was I doing while this was going on? Folding and putting away laundry because I didn't want people coming into a messy house if I truly was in labor. After 40 minutes, my contractions were 3-4 minutes apart, I was having horrible back labor and I kind of had the panicked thought that we needed to get to the hospital ASAP. So I tell Marty that we need to leave...he had been putting the car seat in the car, packing his bag, odds and ends things that needed to be done. So we called my sister to come stay with Avery and we headed to the hospital. 

Since I had been having contractions for weeks, I was still not letting myself believe that I was actually in labor. When we got into a room in Labor and Delivery, the nurse checked me and I was dilated to 4 cm....we were staying! That was the point that I started to get really excited about meeting our little guy. It was also 1:30 am and I knew we were in for a long night. 

I was taken into a delivery room, where I continued to have contractions, but still wasn't in an awful lot of pain. With Avery, the nurses suggested that I get up and walk around or sit up to progress labor. Not sure why, but I chose to lay in bed and continue contractions with her....and her labor took 18 hours. This time, I was determined to have a different experience. When we got into the room, I decided to try the glider chair they had, and then later I would try one of the birthing/exercise balls. Fortunately, I didn't even make it that far. Sitting up in the chair and walking around quickly progressed me to 6 cm. My contractions were getting more painful, but still nothing that I felt I couldn't manage. About that time, around 4 am, my doctor came in to break my water. 

Holy. Moley. 

That was also something I didn't get to experience in my labor with Avery--when my water was broken with her, I had almost none. This time? Not so much. Lots of water, lots of feeling like I was peeling all over myself. To you ladies whose water breaks in public: God bless you. After my water was broken, contractions were whoa. I suddenly thanked God for epidurals and realized, once again, what a rock star my mom was for delivering me without one. I'm too much of chicken when it comes to pain, so in came the anesthesiologist. The epidural was done and in effect around 5 am. When my nurse Jessica, who was absolutely fantastic (seriously, I feel like I should send her a card and an Edible Arrangement or something), came back in, she rolled me to my left side and let the contractions do their thing. I very, very quickly went from 5-6 cm to 9 in no time flat. At that point, I was moved to sitting straight up and dilated to 10. By 7 am, I was ready to start pushing. My doctor came in, got herself prepared and at 7:15 exactly, I started pushing. 4 rounds of contractions and 14 minutes later, Hudson was born at 7:29 am. 

Easiest. Labor. Ever. 

The delivery room was the most peaceful experience, my doctor and nurses were fabulous. Avery's birth was wonderful, but exhausting. It was a flurry of people and talking and activity. Hudson's birth was so quick and while I was pushing, the nurses and my doctor were so soothing and quiet, it allowed me to gather my thoughts to prepare for the next contraction and pushing. 

After labor? With Avery, I was in a great deal of pain. I couldn't wait until my pain medicines would be delivered. Barely moved from my hospital bed, needed help going to the bathroom and taking a shower. Going home, Marty had to lower our bed to the floor because I couldn't manage to get into it normally. I was in a lot of pain. 

With Hudson, I feel like a rock star. In the hospital, my pain was almost non existent. I didn't really need the pain medicines, I showered without any assistance every day. I sat in the rocker and cleaned up our hospital room. 

Night and day difference. 

I told Marty that if every labor, delivery and after delivery could be this easy, I would have 5 more kids. He didn't find that funny. 

Hudson has absolutely been the most perfect newborn. He eats well, sleeps in 3 hour increments and only wakes for feedings and then goes right back to sleep. I think I've heard him cry a grand total of 4 times since he's been born. I'm honestly waiting for the shoe to drop and something to just become unbearably hard. My mom told me she heard that preemie/early babies basically sleep until their due date. Hudson was 11 days early. So I'm nervous we're about to see a different side of him in a few days. For now though, I'll enjoy his perfect self and hopefully be back to regular blogging soon! 


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