Mar 30, 2010

From Audrey wannabe to Audrey look-a-like?

Started a new book today called "What Would Audrey Do?" by Pamela Keogh. Found it at a little bookstore in Seaside, FL called Sundog Books and just HAD to buy it. This makes my AH biography collection up to a whopping 7. I'm pathetic. Seeing that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are ALWAYS slow here at work, I brought it with me to see what new treasures I could uncover about Audrey's life. While reading, a customer walked straight into my office (one of my top 5 pet peeves in this world) and wanted an auto loan. Spotting my book, she tells me that she loves Audrey Hepburn and there's never been anyone equal to her in all these years. Okay lady, walking into my office unannounced and uninvited is now forgiven. She then looks over on my wall and sees my AH desk calendar. Cocking her head to the side, she looks at the fashion maven, then looks back at me and says "You favor her. No really, you look a lot like her." I've just decided this woman and I are best friends. It doesn't matter that she's 70+ years old and going slightly blind. It doesn't matter that she's probably getting on my good side so I can approve her loan and give her money. Someone just told me that I look like Audrey Hepburn. THE Audrey Hepburn that puts all others to shame. Best. Day. Ever. I think I should send the woman flowers.


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