Apr 3, 2010

Spring has sprung...and surprisingly, I like it.

Is there anything better than the beginning of Spring?? People slowly start crawling out of hibernation, jackets and coats go to the back of the closet and (my favorite part) dresses start making their seasonal debut. I already have several Spring-ish outfits planned for work the next couple of weeks (as soon as I get rid of the farmer's tan I picked up when walking the Seaside 5K in Florida. Sigh.). However, I have not always been a fan of springtime. In fact, in the not too distant past, Spring and I were pretty much hated enemies. The arrival of spring meant flowers blooming, bees pollinating everything in sight, grass growing. To any normal human being, these changes would be enjoyable. For me they meant one thing: allergies. In my world, the coming of Spring usually means Zyrtec, Kleenexes and breathing inhalers. I never welcomed the beginning of this season and usually watched the new life emerge from behind closed windows and doors. Yes, I appreciate that Spring comes and gives us a break from the frigid winter weather we've been experiencing for months. But, until now, that was the only positive I could find. However, my attitude completely changed yesterday whenever I got home. Pulling into the driveway, I saw the most beautiful thing:
Our weeping cherry tree has started blooming! Now, being my asthmatic, allergy-prone self, I never cared when the flowers bloomed at my parent's house. My mom would mark the beginning of spring by taking her gardening tools outside and would weed, trim, prune and clip until her heart's content. I never saw the appeal. Getting dirt between my fingernails and watching flowers bloom for a couple of months did not interest me in the least. Things have changed. Now I have my own home. Marty and I personally picked out the flowers and shrubs that would be placed in our landscaping. I guess that makes it more personal now. I want to see the flowers bloom and the bushes grow. When I saw that our tree was blooming, my eyes were opened to things that I never cared to notice before: the shoddy job our builders did on our lawn, the two or three weeds popping up in the flower bed, how nice landscaping would look around our mailbox, the fact that our front porch is devoid of any furniture or window boxes. Shew. Looks like I've got a lot of work to do. I think I hear a flat bed cart at Lowe's just calling my name and flowers just waiting to be planted. This is a brand new side of me that I never knew existed....and I think I'm going to like it (and don't worry Audrey...I'll clean the dirt out of my fingernails before I ever step in public).


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