Jun 17, 2010

No? I don't believe I'm familiar with that word....

Hello, my name is Devan and I am an over-committer. If you ever want anything done, be sure and ask me to do it, because the words "no" or "I can't" or "I'm sorry, I just don't have the time" are just not in my vocabulary. This is how I came to be completely overbooked in the month of June. It started when a girl at work decided she was going to get married in the VERY short time frame of three months. The overachiever, event-planner-wannabe in me immediately jumped on the situation and assured her that we could absolutely throw a wedding together in 3 months. People do it all the time! I immediately got to work, researching wedding venues, scheduling a day to go dress shopping, pricing different area florists. I was absolutely convinced that I could do this. I could help her plan the whole thing...after all, I'd done it once before, how hard could it be? I also saw the personal benefits--if I was interested in maybe one day in the future being a wedding/event planner, I could use pictures from her wedding to start my very own portfolio. I convinced myself that this would be fairly painless. However, as the weeks passed by, my bride grew less and less interested..."Have you made an appointment with the florist?" "Not yet, but it's on my list of things to do..." "When are we having the rehearsal?" "Well, I just assumed we'd do it the night before...." Planning this wedding was going to be more of a challenge than I expected. Now, I find myself less than two weeks from the wedding date with a mounting list of things to finish for the ceremony. The creative side of me found all of these amazing ideas, like a fingerprint guest book tree (which are now sold on my website: http://www.RusticElegancecrafts.etsy.com), little pockets to hold the ceremony programs, making the unity candle myself.....and I wonder, how did I get in this situation? I didn't procrastinate. I've worked on at least one aspect of the wedding each week. How do I have so many things left to do? And then I remember....oh yes, it's because I'm an over-committer. I agree to make all of these wonderful things because I want her day to be special. And I don't consider logistics or time management or whether or not I can fit all of these things into my schedule. I agree to make all of these handmade things for the wedding, while also trying to undertake planning the bridal shower. While also trying to be a good bridesmaid (I'm failing miserably) for my long-distance best friend's wedding (which is two days before the co-worker's wedding). While scheduling doctor's appointments to get my stomach problems straightened out (for those of you that are wondering, it's IBS...yay me). While trying to start my online business (not many sales yet). Is it pathetic that I left work early one day so I could clean my house and pick up medicine at the pharmacy?? I have so many good intentions...sigh. There just aren't enough hours in the day to be an over-committer. If anyone would like to come give me lessons on how to properly say the word "no", I'd appreciate it. :)


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