Sep 21, 2010

Dennis Parrett....he really is the person for this job.

Last night, I had my first experience with really campaigning for my dad. Sure, I'd been in parades and rode on the "Dennis Parrett for State Senator" float and passed out flyers, but I hadn't had a conversation face-to-face with someone about why they should elect my dad to be their next Senator. That all changed last night. My mother calls me up and informs me that my name is on the list of volunteers to go walking door-to-door in a local community. It was the moment I dreaded. I don't mind doing the fundraisers, asking people if they want a yard sign, posting on facebook about all of my dad's activities and exclaiming "Elect Dennis Parrett!" but this was real-life, I'm going to be knocking on people's doors and they might not be happy about it. Not my idea of a fun night. Nevertheless, I tell my mom that I would be happy to walk (I'm secretly trying to win the "Most Helpful Daughter During the Campaign" award). As time gets closer for us to depart on our excursion, my nervousness and fear begins mounting. Every worst case scenerio plays through my head. What if someone slams the door in my face? What if I get blessed out by some politic-hating person that doesn't want to be bothered during their dinnertime? What if I am greeted by a large dog that attacks me? Or worse, what if I'm greeted by someone with a weapon that's totally annoyed that I'm on their property??? Not only that, but what if someone puts me on the spot? What if they ask me a question I can't answer, or they want to know why they should elect my dad (and I don't think "Because he's a good daddy" counts as a valid answer). I could feel a stomach ulcer growing as big as my list of worries. But dad assured me that I would be fine. So dad and I, along with my littlest sister and my aunt, make our way to the city of Radcliff. Arriving at our first street, I'm so nervous, I feel the need to be sick. We get out our map and begin to ring doorbells. I begin by sticking close to dad's side, lingering on the sidewalk while he talks to the homeowners. That is, until dad notices. He encourages me to go up to the next house while he's talking. Reluctantly, I go. I ring a few doorbells, I pass out a few flyers, I give the "I'm campaigning for Dennis Parrett and here's why he should be your Senator" spiel, all the while dreading the moment that I deal with one of my above mentioned fears. Although not out-loud, I'm grumbling in my head about signing up to do this. Only crazy people volunteer to walk up to a complete stranger's house and knock on their door! I begin to look for my quickest escape route. Until I look at my dad. He's LOVING this. He's trotting from one house to another, talking with everyone that will come to the door, flashing us the thumbs-up sign and moving on down the street. He's really excited about this. Here I am, worrying about a dog or a rude reaction, when dad's just thankful to be there. With every person he gets to talk to and every semi-interested person that will listen to him, he gets even more excited. His excitement is contagious. So what if someone has a few choice words for me? It's not like it would be the first time. So what if someone ignores me? I slip a information card onto their doorknob and move on to the next house. Dad loves this. This is why he's running in the first place. To meet the people of this area and have the opportunity to represent and help them. He loves getting to talk with these people and find out what's really bothering them. With every thumbs up and smile he gives me during our walking, I realize, THIS is why my dad should be the next State Senator.


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