Sep 9, 2010

Save Money, Live Better, I'm Trying!!

Maybe I'm being over-ambitious. Maybe I'm taking on too many resolutions at once. I've vowed to myself to slim down and get back to my pre-wedding weight. And, starting today, I'm adding another item to my to-do list. Save money. Marty and I have been taking a 13 week Dave Ramsey finance class to learn how to live on a budget, pay bills and build wealth. We're 6 weeks in and I've already learned valuable tips about how to live within our means and not overspend. If anyone is having trouble making ends meet or living paycheck to paycheck or just want to learn how to live more comfortably, I HIGHLY recommend the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University workshop. Absolutely worth the money. So here's my promise: I'm going to stick to the budget we are going to make for ourselves. I am going to cut out all fast food meals, drinks at the gas station and completely unnecessary purchases that I make everyday. Instead of going out to eat a couple of lunches a week, I'm hitting the grocery and stocking up on my favorite things to take for lunch. Instead of getting a Dr. Pepper from McDonald's on occassion, I'm going to buy cans and have them by my side. Yes, it's only a dollar here or a couple of bucks there, but those add up. I wish I had back all the money I've spent on meals out or impulse purchases. Things that I didn't need, but bought anyway. There's so many things that I want to do, but don't have the funds available to do them. So here's to building our wealth. Here's to raising enough money to someday be able to finish landscaping around our house. Here's to saving enough money to live comfortably and taking the chance of finding a job that I enjoy, no matter what the paycheck is, instead of working everyday to be able to pay bills. I encourage everyone to join in this pledge with me. Until you sit down and figure out exactly where your money goes, you're clueless as to how much you're really spending. Starting today, I'm saving money. Frugal doesn't sound like such a bad word after all....


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