Jun 24, 2011

Gliders and rockers and chairs, oh my!

Who knew that the hardest part of putting together a baby nursery would be finding the "right" glider to match the decor?? I thought, in my naive little world, that picking out the crib and coordinating furniture would be the most difficult decision I would make. Turns out, that was the easiest. I immediately fell in love with our nursery furniture. Black, classic, gender neutral=perfect. Next step was to find a rocking chair or glider for those late night feedings, bedtime story readings and lullaby singing that Avery and I will be doing in the very near future. I searched online websites, again having a "vision" in my head of exactly what I wanted. And darn it if I didn't find it. Very quickly, I might add.

It's completely gorgeous. I love this chair. No, really. I LOVE this chair. "So buy it!" I hear you say...."what's the problem?" The problem is the price of this little chair. The chair of my dreams is a whopping $449. And that's just the chair. The ottoman (because, of course, I want to kick my feet up and relax after a long day at work) is sold separately, tacking on another $125 to the already steep price tag. I literally have arguments with myself over this chair. I constantly go back and forth over whether or not I should spend that kind of money on a daggone chair. The war in my head goes a little something like this:

"I love this chair."
"I do not love the price."
"It's sooooooooo pretty. It's definitely a chair that I would use after Avery's outgrown the rock-me-to-sleep stage."
"The price isn't that pretty."
"This chair is so unique...have you seen it in anyone else's nursery or home??"
"Of course not. No one else is crazy enough to spend that kind of money!"
*pouty face* "But I waaaaant it."
"Sorry, you need to spend that money on more practical things like bottles and diapers."

This conversation takes place probably once a week. I go to Target's website, look at the chair, decide I want it, click on it to add it to my cart and then feel an overwhelming sense of guilt. Yes, we got Target gift cards for our baby showers and could apply that money towards the chair. But then I think of all the things that we could buy with the gift cards instead....a set of organizational bins for her closet, more bottles, more diapers (because Lord knows you can never have enough). As always, my more practical side always wins out and I click out of Target and do (yet another) extensive google search on gliders. I search and I search. I click on less attractive, but soooooooo much cheaper gliders and wonder if they have the ability to re-upholstered. Then you're looking at the cost of fabric. And trying to find someone that can accomplish the task of re-upholstering glider cushions. And the time spent to wait for the glider to be shipped to me and the cushions to be done (and, as of today, we're talking 35 short days away from my due date). And then I get overwhelmed, click out of the websites completely and continue my nursery chair-less day. I'm beginning to think that labor will be easier than picking out this stupid chair......


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