Jun 15, 2011

"To do" list......you mean a " to never get done" list?

As the time for my due date draws near (6 more weeks!) and the pounds continue to add on (I'm going on a strict diet whenever she gets here), I notice that I have absolutely zero energy to tackle my every day tasks that once seemed easy and mundane. What once was a trip to the laundry room, carrying three baskets at once, starting a load of laundry and pulling clean clothes out of the dryer would have taken me maybe 10 minutes. I would have finished the task and moved onto some other household duty that needed attending to. Now, the idea of carrying three baskets is absurd. I carry one basket into the laundry, start a new load whenever the wash happens to be empty (very rare these days) and then, feeling accomplished, I huff and puff my way back to the couch to sit and rest. When did laundry seem like such a daunting task? I think wistfully back to the days that I could get my entire house spotless in a matter of hours...this included mopping floors, bending over to clean anything out from underneath kitchen cabinets and behind the toliet. Now, I can't pick things up off the floor without first bracing myself against the nearest, most solid piece of furniture. I miss the days when I could make myself a to-do list and, within a day or two, it was a to-done list. Now, I make to-do lists that I stare at longingly in my planner, with a task or two crossed off in a matter of a week. I had grand plans for this past weekend. My aunt and mom were coming to my house to help me on Monday to go through the nursery, organize, wash clothes and decide what still needed to be done. But this didn't happen....Sunday night I pulled a muscle in my leg and could barely walk. Monday was spent on the couch giving directions as needed to my mom, husband and sister, who lovingly went through baby things for several hours. However, realizing that I do have 6 very short weeks left (give or take a few) until little Avery arrives and I get nothing done except feedings, diaper changes and reading "Goodnight Moon." Therefore, I'm making my to-do list and nothing will get in my way to getting these things accomplished....no after-work naps, backaches or pulled muscles will stand in my way!
Devan's to do list (that be a WILL GET DONE LIST!!!!)
1. Organize and complete the nursery. This HAS to be done. No excuses.
2. Organize my desk at work...putting notes on everything in case I were to go into labor at any day.
3. Clean my home office that has become a junk/catch-all room in the process of setting up the nursery.
4. Finish painting orders (I'm almost all the way caught up!!)
5. Make more infant/toddler headbands and hair accessories (this is a new project of mine....pictures to be coming soon).
6. Start the book club I've been planning for a few months. There hasn't been much outside interest, but I'm determined to not be a "shut away at home" mommy that never has any outside contact with other adults.
7. Finish laundry. This one might require help from my husband, but I could definitely fold the clothes after he washes and dries them. :)
8. Be happier and less stressed. This is the greatest time of my life....why spend it stressed out and annoyed at everyone I meet?

I hope to update in a week or so and let you know that my to-do list is completely marked off and in the trash. :)


Sarah Beth said...

It will all come together I promise. In the last few weeks you will get a burst of energy and feel great. It is the weirdest thing. And you are right, after the baby gets here you will have time for nothing =) My house looks like a train wreck haha. And I am soooo excited for the book club (and hanging out with you again)!!

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