Aug 30, 2011

Just because.

I suddenly know the difference between Pampers, Luvs and Huggies and the pros and cons of each. Because I'm a diaper-conscious mommy. At 3 am, I can easily locate a pacifier, clean diaper, receiving blanket and Destin cream by just the light of the TV. Because I'm a sleep-deprived, but learning to function on 4ish hours of sleep mommy. I believe my little girl is the most beautiful and perfect baby I've ever seen. Because I'm a biased mommy. I used to be the type that had to have complete silence and darkness before I could go to sleep, but have now learned to sleep with the TV on and a sound machine loudly playing the sounds of ocean waves. Because I'm a mommy that would listen to a police siren if it would help my baby sleep. I come close to crying tears of happiness when my baby girl is crying and I pick her up and she immediately stops and sighs like being in my arms is her favorite place. Because I'm Avery's mommy. I lay awake at night and watch my baby sleeping, wondering what she's dreaming and watching her little chest rise and fall to make sure she's breathing right. Because I'm a mommy that worries. With every little cough and unexpected rash, I worry that she's getting sick and wonder what I can do to make sure she's always safe and healthy. Because I'm an overprotective mommy. I love hearing about other people's journeys through motherhood and welcome advice on how to keep my baby healthy and happy. Because I'm a new mommy. I walk through stores and am immediately drawn to the adorable baby clothes, even though I know she has a closet full of them at home. Because I'm a fashionable mommy. Even though I love having her here, I miss being able to feel her kicking my belly and always knowing where she is and that she's safe. Because I'm a formerly pregnant mommy. I will probably bore you to death with stories about my baby from now until the time she's 10. Because I'm a ridiculously proud mommy. I hate to argue with any of you that think your job is the best, but you're wrong. Mine is. Because I'm a mommy.


Angela said...

okay not only is this blog perfect, but the bib is icing on the cake!! haha she's adorable and she's also very blessed to have you as her mommy!!

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