Mar 22, 2012

The beginning of my super messy adventures

Well, welcome to my NEW blog. Don't worry, all the old "Audrey" posts are still here, I just felt like the blog had outgrown it's "Life Inspired by Audrey" name. Yes, I'm still obsessed with Audrey Hepburn. But life (and my blog posts) seem to be more about being the best mommy I can be and less about finding the perfect Audrey-like outfit to wear everyday. Hence, my new blog name. I couldn't think of a better name to describe my current path in life. I want so badly to reach that elusive "supermommy" status that I dreamt of for so long. But mostly I end up being super messy in my quest for perfection. And voila! The Super Messy Super Mommy was created. I hope you enjoy my new blog name, new look and new "supermommy" inspired posts. So onto my latest quest towards mommy greatness.....

Lately, I've been looking for any possible way to save a little bit of money. It might be the addition of Avery and all the things that keep her clothed, fed and happy (and the expense of each). Maybe it's the fact that I've fallen in love with a house plan and want to build ASAP, but I know without putting aside money each paycheck, I know that's not going to happen. Or maybe it's just because saving money feels good and makes me feel accomplished. It's not like I'm going to start extreme couponing any time soon, but I welcome any opportunity to save a little green.....especially at the grocery. It would amaze me how much I could spend at the grocery on just two adults and a baby. I would buy what I thought we needed for a week or two and get up to the check out line, thinking I was being frugal. I would have the total cost figured in my head that I thought my recent shopping escapade would cost. I was always wrong. Not a drastic difference from what I was thinking, but I would always be $30-40 off. How is that possible?!?! I've learned from experience that I should shop alone. If my husband and I shop together, we always spend more money--the same principle applied when I was growing up...go shopping with dad=bigger grocery bill. I've also learned from experience that I am an impulse buyer. I know I don't need the Wild Berry PopTarts or the sandwich thin bread that costs $2 more, but I can't help but be sucked into the cute packaging or the promise of convenience. My grocery trips always result in convenient, pre-packed foods that I know isn't the healthiest for myself or my husband (but it's so darn EASY). I fall into the habit of making out a weekly menu, buying the items and then never getting around to making the recipe I had picked out--resulting in a pantry full of food that only went with that specific recipe I had picked out. What on earth am I going to do with quick-cooking tapioca or a can of green chiles?? My sister in law and I were having a conversation about mommyhood and things that frustrate us about our lives. I mentioned that I don't cook anymore. I really enjoy cooking. I love finding recipes that sound appealing and easy. When I told my SIL that I don't cook, she looked surprised and said "What do you guys eat??" I was embarrassed. Well, no more. I will no longer be the mom that cooks convenience food simply because it's faster. Do I want to have the obese child at three years old because her mom only fixes frozen pizzas and chicken nuggets? Do I want to be the mom that Avery tells her friends about that never cooks dinner for her family? I GREATLY admire homemakers and stay-at-home-moms. Some critize them for not holding any "real job." Bull. Raising children, keeping a clean or well-run home and cooking one, if not two meals a day is harder than any "real" job I've ever had. I want Avery to remember me as a fun mommy that cooked good meals for her family and kept a happy home. I understand that things can't always be perfect. I cannot always have the clean house or the homemade dinner or the spectacular crafts that knock people socks off. But I can try to be the best mommy/wife/homemaker I can be. And to be that person, I'm going to start making dinner for my family. I've found recipes that are just as easy as opening a blue box and pouring noodles into a boiling pot of water--and a lot healthier too. Because you all keep me sane and this blog holds me accountable for things that I want to do (remember my crazy cluttered office??? It's almost done!!! Pictures to come this weekend---all because I promised you guys I would!), I'm posting my weekly menu on my blog. I hope to share recipes with all of you and hopefully share my successes! I'm much more motivated to do something when I know that other people know about it. So, today starts my first (of what I hope is many!!) what we'll call the "Super Messy Super Mommy Supper Club." I'll post my menu for the week, along with links of where I found the recipes. In return, I hope you'll share your favorite tried and true recipes with me so I can try them in my own home. This week's menu looks a little something like this:

Friday--Chicken Bacon Pasta
Saturday--No Crust Pizza and salad (due to my recent gluten intolerance, I'm crazy excited about this one)
Sunday-- "See"food night....whatever you see that looks good, you fix it yourself. A Sunday night staple in my house growing up.
Monday--Chicken Nuggets and mac and cheese
Tuesday--Lasagna Roll Ups
Wednesday--breakfast for dinner (I'm thinking eggs and french toast)
Thursday--Enchilada Pockets
Friday--Zatarain's Jambalaya with Cheese (inspired by our recent New Orleans trip!)

Wish me luck!


Imogene said...

You might want to check out this mom-friendly blog if you are looking for GF recipes!
And this:
And to save grocery money, try this: (sometimes the recipes take more time though)

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