Jun 4, 2012

Introducing! The Crafting Chronicles!

It's no secret that am I am a gigantic Pinterest fan.  I drool over the awesomeness, sit in awe of the organizational tips and stew with envy over other people's resourcefulness and craft abilities.  I've finally decided that I'm tired of just admiring my pins from the comfort of my couch.  It's time to actually DO some of the amazing projects I've pinned.  And voila!  New series!  It will consist of all of the craft projects I do when Avery (finally) goes to sleep at night.  Some will be "stolen" Pinterest ideas, some will be ideas from my very own noodle (they do happen sometimes).  From upcycled furniture pieces to painted canvases, you'll see it all here!
For my first project, I decided to start with something pretty simple.  I found this idea that combined my love for Post-It's and to-do lists. 
Genius!  Instead of writing a new to-do list every single week, you just swap out the Post-Its on this pretty doodled paper.  Love.  Here's my version, a little modified...

In the original version, the crafter had a Post-It where she could write whether her goals were for the day, week, month, hour, whatever.  I don't know about you all, but I ALWAYS have a daily and weekly to-do list.  So I made two.  I will keep my top 5 priorities on the list.  As I complete them, I peel the Post-It off, throw it away and replace it with another goal.  As I wrote out my goals, I realized that maybe I needed a bigger piece of paper....maybe a poster board-sized list??  I love this idea so much, I could kiss the woman that came up with it.  I told you, this idea is SO easy and a lot prettier than carrying that stupid scrap of paper with me everyday.  Pinterest, again....I love you.

I hope to have some more "Crafting Chronicles" ideas to share soon, but the summer, as usual, is filled with all kinds of activities and to-dos (can't you tell by my list??) and I'm not sure when I'll get to them all.  So stay tuned!


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