Jun 23, 2012

It's okay to be a follower. I promise.

I'm going to do a little bit of self-promoting.  Bear with me for one measly little blog post.

Blogging is extremely cathartic.  It's a great way to release your emotions and reflect on the things that went on during the week.  Even though I do most of the blogging for myself, it's nice to know that people are actually reading what I'm posting.  It's an ah-mazing feeling when I've written a blog post that I feel good about and I see that 94 people have read it.  Sometimes, though, it can be discouraging when I see that I have only 11 followers and one person subscribed to my blog through email {HUGE thank you to those 12 peeps}.  When I look at those numbers, I think "Should I just stop blogging?  I don't really have anyone that reads it anyway!"  Since becoming a blogger and being aware of my own follower numbers, I try to check out as many new blogs as I can...and if I love them, I become a follower.  It's just a simple way to tell the author "Hey.  I like you and I like what you're saying.  Keep doing what you're doing."  So I'm throwing out a plea....if you're a faithful follower of this blog through my Facebook account, take a second and become a follower. If you're REALLY interested in what I have to say, subscribe to email updates every time I put up a new post{the email subscription sign up and becoming a follower can both be found on the right ------>}.    If you're new to this blog, WELCOME!  I hope you'll stick around and like what you see and eventually become a follower.  Thanks from the very bottom of my bloggin-lovin' heart. :)


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