Jul 27, 2012

High Fives!

This week has been insane.  My daughter is teething like ca-razy and no one in my house is sleeping.  Please forgive any spelling mistakes, jumbled words or incoherent sentences.  It's just my sleep-deprived brain talking.  Onto the good stuff!

1.  This isn't exactly new-ish news, but I'm driving a new car.  Back in December, my sweet hubby gave me an early Christmas present in the form of a Ford Edge.  Great for Avery, more room, beautiful, but so expensive when it came to gas.  When you're driving 60 + miles everyday, you need something that gets better than 18 miles to the gallon.  I was so sad thinking of giving up all my extra cargo space.  Insert HHR!  No, it's not the most beautiful vehicle I've driven.  Yes, I get a ton of jokes about it...it looks like a hearse/gangster car/smooshed SUV....but I love it.  It's unique, it's roomy, and it gets 25 miles to the gallon on average.  Laugh all you want.

2.  I visited my local Farmer's Market on Thursday morning.  I was only there to buy sweet corn, but the garden fresh tomatoes were calling my name.  As were the sunflowers, okra and green beans, but then my wallet yelled at me and I had to walk back to my car.  Find your local Farmer's Market.  Your belly will thank you. :)

3.  My cousin is getting married Saturday!!  Today will begin the wedding festivities and I can't wait to stand by her side tomorrow and watch her become Mrs. Miracle!  Hooray weddings!

4.  VBS came to an end this week.  I love watching little kids learn about Jesus and all the wonderful things he does for them. 

5.  I saved this for last because I don't know how much I can talk about it without becoming a weepy mess.  My sweet little Avery turns one tomorrow.  How is this even possible!?!  Sometimes, I can't really remember her being a tiny newborn, due to the sleep-deprived fog I lived in for her first three months of life.  Other times, it seems like only yesterday that I was standing in my bedroom (one year ago today!), folding clothes while Marty gathered our hospital bag, took a shower and counted the minutes in between my contractions.  It's unreal.  If you see me tomorrow and I'm blubbering into a Kleenex, ignore me please. :)

Happy Friday all!!


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