Jul 24, 2012

Hot Mess Monday!

It's Hot Mess Monday!  Did I lose any weight? 

Last week's weight:  142.5
This week's weight:  138.8 (I apologize for not having a scale picture here....I weighed myself this morning and forgot to take a picture....next Monday!)
Total loss:  3.7 lbs.

Biggest challenges this week:  Finding time to work out and eat healthy and staying away from extra Cokes. 
How I've done it:
{1}  I've cut my Coke/soda intake WAYYYYYY down.  I was probably drinking 3-4 sodas a day before I committed to this challenge.  While I haven't been able to quit cold turkey, I'm slowly weaning myself off.  I have only been drinking one can of Pepsi/Dr. Pepper a day.  Which is a big deal, considering my kid decided to develop the sleeping pattern of a newborn this weekend.  Any time I felt the urge or the want for a Coke, I made myself a big glass of water or a very small glass of sweet tea.  I really believe this is probably the biggest reason for my loss this week.
{2}  I haven't joined a gym or started any kind of work-out regimine, but I have been trying to work in little exercises during my every day routine.  While brushing my teeth in the morning and before bed, I will stand in front of the mirror and rise up on my toes and then back down.  If I'm playing in the floor with Avery, I'll do some crunches or bicycle exercises while she's busy.  I've even incorporated Avery into my exercises.  Lifting her up and down off the ground 10 times is the equivilent of having a 20 lb weight...and she thinks it's hilarious!  
{3}  No more McDonald's.  I did have to run through the drive-thru yesterday because I wasn't home and was headed to church to help with Vacation Bible School.  But I chose a chicken option and kept my drink small (darn you McDonald's and your automatic large drinks you give away!)  I really think this is where the majority of my extra weight comes from and I look forward to more falling off as I break up with the McDonald's drive through.
{4}  Choosing healthier lunches and snacks.  I've been making sure to fit more veggies and fruit into my lifestyle.  Last week, I made a lazy lasagna chili for dinner that had zucchini and onion inside.  Not only did I get veggies in for dinner, but I sauteed the leftover zucchini and had it as a side dish for lunch the next day. 
That's all I've done.  I do plan to find a work out routine that I can fit into my crazy mommy lifestyle that's more structured than lifting a laundry basket or ballet moves while I'm brushing.  Despite my loss this week, I feel flabbier than I did last week. 
Here's my before picture.  Lord, I cannot believe I'm about to do this.  I don't take pictures of myself.  Ever.  But this is a rare moment when a picture was taken at one of Avery's friend's birthday party.....
Now, before I get a ton of comments, I know I'm not fat, okay?  These are simply areas that I do not feel comfortable with and want to change.  Do I know it could be worse?  Yes.  But do I know that it could be better?  Absolutely.  Hence my "hot mama" journey. 

P.S.  Have you checked out Sarah and Leticia's progress yet??  We're just three mommies trying to lose the weight together!  Wanna join us?  The more the merrier!  On to Week 2!


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