Jul 11, 2012

Organize One Thing Wednesday: Jewels on Display

It's Wednesday!  We're organizing!  Yipee!Today I'm tackling the mess that is your jewelry drawer.  I used to have one tiny drawer in my dresser that held ALL of my jewelry.  As my collection grew, I thought I might try to make it more organized by purchasing one of those small drawer sorters.  That corralled the problem...for a little while.  Soon, my earrings were everywhere, my bracelets were bungled and my necklaces were in knots.  And it drove me crazy.  Then, one day as I was going through pictures and items that were in my apartment in college, I came across a corkboard with ribbons that I hung pictures on.  You know the kind:
I really had nowhere to put it and thought it was a tad juvenile for our house, but I didn't want to throw it out.  And that's when it came to me.....jewelry holder!
Favorite part of my morning routine
Simple, a little eclectic and VERY effective.  All my jewelry in on display at once so I can see everything I have to choose from.  Because the board has a cork backing, it's easy to just push stud earrings into it and keep them in place.  For my drop, or "dangly" earrings, I just looped the back of the earring over one of the ribbons. 
Because no jewelry board would be complete without a Winnie the Pooh quote :)
When I first thought of this idea, I just had my earrings and brooches on the board.  I wasn't sure how to incorporate necklaces onto the board just yet.  Until I saw this idea on Pinterest (Not following me?  Check out my boards here!) :
Brilliant!  Shower curtain hooks on a towel rack to hold necklaces.  I knew that I had some shower curtain rings floating around my house somewhere from one of our wedding showers that were never used.  After locating the rings, I attached the clips to the bottom ribbons and hung my necklaces from each ring.  Problem solved. 
When I finished, I hung the board up in my bathroom where I do my morning routine.  Instead of walking back and forth from my old jewelry drawer in the dresser to the bathroom mirror, I'm right by the mirror so I can switch out earrings and necklaces with my outfit until I find what I think looks best.  Since implementing this organizing idea, my jewelry gets more wear because I can see everything in one place and I don't have to go digging for anything.  I love when organizing is functional AND pretty. :)  Have your own de-tangling jewelry solution?  Share it with me!  For the rest of you, go show your jewelry some organizing love. :) 


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