Aug 29, 2012

Big Chicken.

I'm not a trendy person.  I don't see the point in following fads and spending the money to buy acid washed denim jackets if they're going to be out of style in 5 months.  I'm a classic kind of gal.  Black and white, classic cuts and silhouettes is where I live.  Nothing crazy.  Lately, however, I've been itching to try something a little different.  Sometimes, I wish I lived somewhere a little more fashion-forward so I wouldn't be looked at like a wackadoodle if I decided to try some trends on for size.  Or maybe people wouldn't think anything about it and I'm just wayyyyy too self-conscious.  Either way, I'm scared.  But I've definitely been eyeing a couple of fashion trends lately.

Colored jeans.
I want a pair of Kentucky blue colored skinny jeans SO. BAD.  Some of the colored jeans are a little out there.  I wouldn't want to flaunt a pair of mustard colored jeans anywhere.  But UK blue, teal, even red, I could see myself in.  As long as I stay at home.  With the blinds closed.  *sigh*

Red lipstick

I love red lipstick.  I think it's bold.  It's sassy.  It's feminine.  I even own a tube of it.  But I cannot wear it.  I've even applied it several times on my way to an event and end up rubbing it off before I get there.  I don't know what I'm afraid of.  Being too bold?  Standing out too much?  Who knows.  But I definitely have red lipstick phobia. 

Statement jewelry
Bib necklaces.  Colorful baubles.  Dangly earrings.  Giant rings.  I want them all. 
I guess this goes right back to the red lipstick and not wanting to stand out too much, but I'm afraid to wear them.  I'm nervous someone will look at me funny and say "Does she really think that looks good on HER?"  I guess I can drool over some pictures....
Basically, I just learned from this blog that I'm a big chicken. 
What do you think?
Would I look like a nerd?  Or should I put my big girl panties on and wear what I want because I only live once and it's about time that I become an independent woman?  Yeah, I'm leaning towards the first one too.... ;-)


Darlene said...

I think the "big chicken" gene runs in the Parrett family. I too am too scared to try anything trendy. So Devan, the challenge is yours. Go For It!! Wear your KY blue skinny jeans, red lipstick and dangly earrings. You would look very fashionable and maybe inspire the rest of us fashion-phobia females.

Lori@thestonybrookhouse said...

Hi Devan! I hopped over to your blog after you left me a comment on my pallet art! I understand exactly what you are feeling. I have done the same thing with lipstick and jewelry, but it seems the older I get the bolder I'm getting. I'm findng I say to myself more and more, "who cares what people think? I like it!" And if you like it do it! Just do it! My grandma used to say, who's gonna care in 100 years? I appreciate your transparency!
Btw.... thought you might want to know... you came in as a noreply comment.

Holli said...

Statement jewelry is my favorite. I don't know if I could pull off the colored jeans. Go for jewelz!

mommasmeltingpot said...

I saw some UK blue skinny jeans at JCP. I loved them as well. I have been more in the middle with my fashion. I am not afraid to bling out, but I hever going too extreme. I, like you, have only wore red lipstick I think when I was a flapper girl for Halloween at UK. *They *say redheads can't wear red, but who are *they to say I say after I lose a few more pounds lets go to a game a rock out those pants. HA!

Devan Gaddie said...

I hope I develop this attitude too! I hate being afraid of fashion!

Devan Gaddie said...

Let's do it!!

Carilynn Gravatte said...

So I just read this post and I completely understand what you are talking about. In college I refused to do all of these things because I would stand out or because I didn't want people to look at me and say "What are you wearing?". After college I decided to throw those reservations to the wind and you know what, I have actually received more compliments. Especially on the bright red lipstick, it brings out eye colors and isn't as 'in your face' as you would think. Now, I don't wear it every day but I do bring it out occasionally...and love it.

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