Aug 27, 2012

Hot Mama-ing it up!

Week 7 people!  It's hard to believe that I've been doing this for almost two whole months!

Original weight:  142.5
Last week's weight:  135.0
This week:
Weight lost from last week:  0.8 lbs
Overall weight lost:  8.3 lbs

Biggest challenges this week:  The Kentucky State Fair.  On Thursday, I went up to the State Fair with my family and I told myself before I went that I was giving myself a day off from my diet.  What's the point of living if you deprive yourself of every single thing you want?  So I had a corn dog.  And cheese fries.  And my parents took us to Olive Garden afterwards.  And I loved every minute of it.  The State Fair wasn't the was the days afterwards.  I had allowed myself whatever I wanted on Thursday, so it was hard to get back into super-discipline mode and eating healthy again. 
What I think worked:
{1} Even though I ate whatever I wanted at the fair, I also walked my butt off in the process.  Hours of walking around looking at crafts, vendors and animals.  I also walked a ton on Saturday at the Heartland Festival.  Had to contribute a little to my weight loss. 
{2}  I've been sick.  For 3 weeks, I've had a cough and what I thought was allergies.  This weekend, it all came to a head and I literally didn't feel like moving.  Nothing was important enough to get up off the couch...not even food.  Sunday morning, I was in the process of making oatmeal and fresh strawberries and I cut myself pretty deeply while slicing the strawberries.  Needless to say, I had no breakfast.  Then the rest of the day was spent drinking water and snacking on very small things.  No, it was not the healthiest way to lose weight.  Contrary to popular belief, if you starve yourself, your body's metabolism shuts down and it becomes harder to lose.  So don't do it.  I plan on making up for my food-less weekend. 
Here's the best part though.  Yes, I've lost 8 pounds.  And it feels great.  But I am finally starting to LOOK skinnier.  You may have noticed that I haven't put up another "flab" picture of myself.  That's because I wasn't noticing much difference in that department.  Until this morning! 
Remember the before?

It's a very slight change.  I still have flab.  I still have my "pregnancy pooch."  But it's getting firmer.  And smaller.  And that's all I can ask for.  Wahooooo!!!!  Finally leaning towards being a Hot Mama instead of a Hot Mess!!


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