Sep 26, 2012

Because who doesn't love FREE stuff?!?!

Alright.  The gloves are coming off.  I'm declaring war on my Followers number.  I know numbers aren't a great reflection of how many people read your blog, but 37 is just plain sad y'all!  I'm tired of looking at that number every time I log onto my blogger account.  Plus, I hate odd numbers and that's two of them in a row (3-7 *gag*)!  I'm doing something about it.  And hopefully you are too!!  If I can get 50 total followers on my blog and 100 followers on my Facebook page by October 15, I'm going to do a GIVEAWAY!  You heard that right----free stuff!!  The winner will receive one of my hand-painted personalized signs. 

These signs are completely customizable.  I can paint on canvas or wood.  You can pick your favorite quote, Bible verse, saying, family's name...whatever!  You can also pick the colors of your sign to match your personal decor. 
BUT WAIT!  Here's how this is going to work.  If I get the 50 followers and 100 Facebook fans by October 15th, I'll do another blog post telling you guys that you're amazing, that I have my followers and we'll do the giveaway.  You'll have to comment on the post saying that you follow my blog and/or my Facebook page and a random winner will be drawn on midnight of the 16th.  Clear as mud?  I'll provide more details when the actual drawing happens. 
Think we can do it?  Who's going to win their very own hand-painted sign??


Erin said...

Decided to switch from a stalker to a follower! And I totally understand about the odd numbers (I'm the same way) so now it's 40!

Devan Gaddie said...

Hahaha...I hope following is way more fun than stalking! And I knew I couldn't be the only one with an aversion to odd numbers.

Kaitlin Boles said...

Following via GFC and liked your page on FB! Shared on FB too!

lori_r8 said...

I'll make it 47! :) but that's an odd number too!

Kelly Richardson said...

I made 49! I know it's odd.....but oh so close!

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