Sep 24, 2012

Hot Mess {week 11}

Hot Mess time.  You may remember last week when I went super downhill and ate like crap.  Was I better this week?

Original weight:  142.5
Last week's weight:  134.0
This week's weight:

Loss from last week:  0
Overall weight loss:  8.5 lbs

Biggest challenges this week:  I didn't lose, obviously.  Strangely though, I'm okay with it.  I've had a TON of people tell me that they can notice a difference and that I look good.  They say it takes 4 weeks for YOU to notice a difference, 8 weeks for those CLOSEST to you to notice and 12 weeks for people OUTSIDE your circle to notice.  Well, we're on week 11 and I'm getting comments from others, not just my family.  Am I where I want to be?  Not yet.  I still have 14 lbs to lose before getting to my goal weight.  That's not really what's important to me though.  Would I LOVE to be 120 pounds again?  Abso-freaking-lutely.  But what's more important to me is continuing to eat healthier and set up a healthier lifestyle for myself.  To zip up my size 6 jeans and feel good in them every single day...not just on my skinny days.  To feel proud when I take a picture with my daughter or my husband and be able to share it willingly on Facebook and not worry whether or not I have a double chin.  These things are more important.  The scale is just a number--it doesn't define me.  Do you think someone is going to look at me and say "Oh girl, she is obviously not 120 pounds.  She's gotta be at least 125!" Or do you think they're going to notice when my clothes are fitting better and look healthier?  I'm voting for option two.

What worked this week:
My journey is still continuing.  I hope to lose weight this week (although we leave for Florida on Friday and I will probably consume my weight's worth of crab legs while we're down there).  I'm still proud of myself, no matter what the scale said this morning.  I don't have to think really hard to make healthier options when I make dinner or go out to eat.  I just know what's better for me and what I should stay far, far away from.  And that's a huge step in itself.  Before, I would guess at calorie counts and think "Surely a chicken sandwich at McDonald's is better than a hamburger."  Not always the case, my friend.  I'm already on my way to living a much healthier and fulfilling lifestyle than I was before.  And that's more of a reward for me than a half a pound loss this week anyway.


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