Oct 8, 2012

Avery's First Haircut.

Hi, my name is Devan and I have a slight obsession with all things Disney.  I know every single word to The Little Mermaid movie (not a joke).  I worked at the Disney Store through college and loved every day I got to go to work.  I am a whiz at Disney trivia.....seriously.  Try me. I become infuriated at myself if I miss a question on Disney Scene-It.  One day, I WILL work at Disney World.  So, when the opportunity arose to take Avery to Disney World last week, I giddily jumped at the chance.  So far, I've done a pretty good job of brainwashing encouraging her to love Disney and Mickey Mouse like I do.  I could just picture her meeting Mickey and Minnie and the memories we would make.  But, while I was planning our trip to the most magical place on Earth, I discovered a hidden gem.  Since I like you guys, I'll share it with you too....in the Magic Kingdom off to the side, there's a little shop called the "Harmony Barber Shop."  You can get your haircut at Disney World for a small fee.  Big whoop, right?  Wait.  This little barber shop specializes in BABY'S FIRST HAIRCUTS.  When I read this, I almost died.  I knew Avery's first haircut just HAD to happen at Disney World.  How many kids can say they got their first haircut at Disney World??  I almost peed my pants with anticipation over this haircut.  Like most things in life though, the reality of my baby's first trim was so, so, SO different than I imagined.  Would you like to see the pictures?
Last, but not least:  the picture that sums up the chaotic moment.
Wait.  There's a video.
Good thing was though,  they gave her a set of Mickey ears (which I quickly had her name added). 

Looking back, it was still a magical moment.  Avery got her first haircut at Disney World--my very favoritest place in the entire world.  She wasn't perfect, but when is life ever perfect?  I made a memory with my sweet girl that I'll treasure forever.  I just hope she doesn't look back at the pictures and think that we tortured her. :) 


Sarah Beth said...

That is too funny. And you're brave momma. I am not cutting Ainsley's hair until absolutely necessary because a) that will mean she is growing up and b) I'm afraid it will make her curls go away. But when it does happen, Disney World would be the COOLEST place!

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