Oct 22, 2012

Hot Mess Monday {week 13}

I have been a TERRIBLE blogger this week.  I've had a bunch of post ideas floating around in my head and absolutely no time to even think about doing them.  I apologize.  So I'm starting again with a Hot Mess update.

Original weight:  142.5 lbs
Last week's weight:  134.2

This week's weight:
Loss from last week:  0 lbs.
Overall weight lost:  8.3 lbs.


Biggest challenges:  Life is ridiculous, whirlwind, pure chaos right now.  I don't know which way is up, I haven't been to the grocery in over a month (leaving nothing but spiderwebs in the cabinets) and the drive through has become my best friend.  Lately, I can't sleep.  I wake up a lot during the night, have trouble going back to sleep and I feel like complete and utter crap every single morning.  I don't feel like making a lunch in the morning because I barely feel like getting up to take a shower.  So I've had a love/hate relationship with the drive-thrus.  I love it because of the convenience.  I hate it because of the expense and the havoc it's wreaking on my smaller stomach.  But I can't find the motivation to get up early enough to pack a lunch and make healthier choices.  Maybe I can invest in one of those shock collars that will give me a little jolt of electricity any time I even think about pulling into McDonald's.  Any suggestions or tips on how to avoid the fast food would be greatly appreciated.  Or tips on how to sleep through the night without drugging myself would also be appreciated. 


Anonymous said...

I make my breakfast and lunch as I am cleaning up dinner the night before. I lay out my clothes and my daughter's. everything before I sit down the night before.

Devan Gaddie said...

That's a great idea. I just need to get over this lazy funk I'm in and just do it!

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