Oct 15, 2012

Hot Mess Monday...and More!

It's a Hot Mess Monday, but I have a TON of stuff to cover!!  It's been a busy weekend for the Super Messy blog!  First things first though, a Hot Mess update:

Original weight: 142.5
Last week's weight:  134.8
This week:
Difference from last week: 0.6 lbs
Overall loss:  8.3 lbs.

Biggest challenges this week:  Getting back in the swing of things and trying to diet after "letting myself go" and not watching what I was eating for a couple of weeks.  It was hard to pass up the drive-thrus and cut back on my Coke consumption.  But I'm doing it....slowly, but surely....

What worked
{1}  I'm using My Fitness Pal app again.  Counting the calories, avoiding the fatty stuff, making myself more aware of the food I'm eating again.

{2} Pinterest.  I swear, I don't know what I did without this website.  How did people lose weight/make dinner/be creative before Pinterest came along?  I've found so many health conscious and low-cal recipes from there.  I feel so much better when I'm putting healthier stuff into my body.  Check out the recipes I've found on my Hot Mess-->Hot Mama board on Pinterest.

I'm feeling good and I'm determined to lose those last 14.2 lbs.  Shew, that seems like so much when you figure up how much I have left....but I've already lost 8.3 lbs...I. Can. Do. This!

Next, and I'm SO excited about this one y'all....I participate in several blog hops and link parties throughout Blogland where I share different projects or blog posts from the Super Messy Supermommy.  I usually get some new readers from these blog hops, but this weekend, I was one of the FEATURED links over at Be Colorful!  She liked my Minnie Mouse Highchair post and put it up on her blog for everyone to see.  I mean, this is pee your pants exciting stuff here people!  Big deal for a little 'ole mommy blogger like me.  But seriously, if you're visiting from Be Colorful, welcome :)  I'm super glad you're here!

Last, today was the deadline for me to get 50 blog followers and 100 likes on my Facebook page.  I actually ended up with 51 blog followers and 82 likes on the Super Messy Supermommy Facebook page.  *sigh*  Maybe I'll do another challenge again soon for another giveaway....maybe a BIGGER and BETTER one??  Thanks to everyone that is a new follower of the blog or on Facebook.  I appreciate each and every single one of you.  You're rock stars. :) 

Happy Monday all!


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