Oct 31, 2012

"Organize One Thing Wednesday" Bare Bones.

I hate to be discriminatory, but I gotta do it.  If you're a boy and you're reading this post (dad), then you need to leave.  Also, if you're a relative or just generally uncomfortable talking about an issue that's a little more personal, you should probably skip out on this post too.  I'd love for you to come back tomorrow when I post something a little more appropriate, but for the time being....toodle-oo.  Seriously, go right now.  No boys allowed from here on out. 
Alright ladies.  This "Organize One Thing Wednesday,"  I want to talk about an area of organizing that's not usually covered.  Your "unmentionables" drawer.  Undergarments.  Underoos.  Skiivies.  "Unda-wares."  I don't know about you guys, but this particular drawer in my house was a daggone hot mess.  My morning routine involved lots of digging and moving items around to find what I needed.  And that just is not acceptable.  Because I love you guys, I'm going to show you the before picture:

Hot mess, right?  I told you.  The amount of items in this drawer were out of control.  Bras that fit me in high school, old underoos that didn't fit anymore or I didn't feel comfortable in (So I wear granny panties now...don't judge).  Nightgowns.  Slips.  Shape wear.  Ridiculous!  So I rolled up my sleeves and dove in (not literally.  that's gross.)  I got rid of the items I don't wear anymore and reorganized the ones that I do.  I picked up some drawer dividers at my local Wally World.  I weeded and folded and organized.  After:
I can breathe again.  It's not a hassle every single morning.  I pick out my undergarments and I move on.  Amazing what organizing a single drawer can do to shorten your morning routine and make you feel better about your day.  Because if you start your morning unorganized, what's that say about the rest of your day?  So, go forth and conquer your underwear! 


Sarah Beth said...

I rock the grannies, too!

Holli said...

how do you fit all that in one drawer?

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