Nov 15, 2012

Hey, It's Okay Thursday!

Does anyone else get really excited when they find something on the Internet that they've never seen before?  A sort of "hidden gem," if you will?  I felt that way today when my friend Sarah wrote a post linking up to an "It's Okay Thursday" link party--where bloggers confess all their little quirks and guilty pleasures and declare that "it's okay!"  Just a fun way for you to let off some steam and realize that you're not so weird after all. :) 

It's okay.....
  • That I've been listening to Christmas music non-stop for the past two weeks.  And secretly, I've wanted to put up Christmas decorations since Halloween.
  • That I put Avery to sleep early on Sunday night so she would be good and asleep by the time Once Upon a Time came on.
  • To have a drawer full of snacks at work when that 2 pm tummy rumbling hits.
  • For said snack drawer to also contain two packages of child's juice boxes....that I drink for myself (apple and fruit punch baby!),
  • That somedays, I don't have a clue what I'm doing when comes to dealing with my child and I have to call my mom for backup.
  • That I don't have 100 followers on my blog or get as many comments on blog posts that I am super excited about.  Thank you to all of you that stick around.
  • That I made a frozen Totino's pizza the other night and had to give myself an intense lecture to not eat the entire thing.
  • To flip between a Harry Potter marathon and Disney Pixar movie week.
  • To sing along with my daughter's Jake and the Neverland Pirates CD.
  • That I completely despise Halloween. 
  • To have taken a break from blogging to focus more on my family lately.
Whatever your weird/quirkiness is, just's okay!  Happy Thursday! :)


krystaladele @ unSAHM said...

I think it's more then ok to not know what we're doing as mommies.. We don't have to know it all all of the time! Go you for calling your mom, that probably made her super happy :)

Stopping by from found you in the link up

Devan Gaddie said...

Thanks for the kind words! It's made mommy-ing so much easier when I realized I don't have to know it all and I have more experienced moms for backup to help me!

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