Nov 13, 2012

A Day in the Life

I have something special for you guys today...I have a guest poster!  She's adorable.  She's spoiled.  She's a diva.  Welcome to a "day in the life of.....Avery Leigh."

Hey everybody!  I thought it was time for everyone to meet the baby behind the "Super Messy Supermommy."  Wanna know why my mommy is the way she is (frazzled, messy, crazy at times)?  Follow me on my journey through a single day.  Hope you can keep up!

6:58 am--Stir around in my bed.  Cry out a few times and then be throws mommy off.  She thinks she can go back to sleep. 
7:05 am--Decide mommy has slept enough.  Chew on my bed and cry until she comes to get me.  If she waits more than two minutes, I think it's best to throw things to get attention.  Maybe howl a little.
7:08 am--Mommy's here!  Although she doesn't look as awake as I am....
7:10 am--Wiggle around a lot during diaper changing to help mommy wake up.
7:13 am--Run into mommy's office and touch all her paints before she finds me.
7:14 am--She found me.  I smile sweetly so she won't get mad.
7:19 am--Hide the remote.  She'll never find it!  Just like she hasn't found those 5 pairs of shoes I've hidden *evil giggle*
7:30 am--Favorite time of day---breakfast!  NutriGrain bars and Craisins. 
7:45 am--Finish breakfast.  Ask for more.  Mommy says no.  *sigh*
7:46 am--Tell daddy goodbye. 
8:00 am--Mickey Mouse is on!  I love that mouse.
8:17 am--Pretend like I'm getting sleepy.  It throws mommy off.  I even put a pillow in the floor and lay on it for dramatic effect.
8:19 am--Begged mommy to let me lay with her. 
8:20 am--Done pretending!  I think mommy fell for it!  I really just wanted to be up on the couch to play.
8:21 am--Beg for more food.  Craisins appear.  I like it when mommy does magic.
8:25 am--Ask for more Craisins.  Mommy tells me this is my "last snack."  We'll see about that....
8:30 am--Jake and the Neverland Pirates is on--my second favorite show!  Those songs are so darn catchy. 
8:34 am--Give mommy kisses.  I gotta keep up my sweet demeanor every once in awhile.
8:35 am--Find the Craisins mommy was hiding! 
8:50 am--Point to my hairbows and "ask" to wear one. Giggle when mommy puts in it my hair. Gosh, I'm cute.
8:51 am--Time to polish my music skills. I'm a reallllly good singer.
8:52 am--Violently rip hairbow out.  Gotta remind that hairbow who's boss.
8:55 am--Push mommy out of the bedroom and shut the door.  Repeat three times.  Giggle a lot. 
8:57 am--Mommy shuts the door and tells me I can't go back in my room.  Rude.
9:10 am--Brush up on some light reading.
9:14 am--Ask for more food.  Don't get any.  Sometimes mommy is mean.
9:15 am--Ask for more food.  Still don't get any.  Mommy says "I've had enough snacks for now."  Is there such a thing?
9:16 am--Realize Mickey is back on.  I'm getting a little sleepy, but I won't let mommy know.
9:25 am--Crawl up into mommy's lap, pretending to be sweet.  Maybe I'll just rest awhile. 
11:00 am--Wake up in my bed......what just happened?
11:11 am--Favorite time of day--lunch! 
11:12 am--Did you know everything is good with ketchup?  Macaroni and cheese, pickles, my fingers.....
11:24 am--Drag half of mommy's shoes out of the closet while she dries her hair.  She loves when I do that.
11:26 am--Find a pretty box in mommy's bathroom cabinet with yellow wrappers in it.  I think it's candy.
11:27 am--Run away with the box and dump the candy on the ground to find the best piece. 
11:28 am--Taste a wrapper.  Not candy.
11:32 am--Weigh myself.  Gained 2 ounces.  Need to lay off those sugar wafers.
11:40 am--Mommy is changing my diaper (again).  To mix things up, I try to help.  Grab my diaper and get brown stuff all over my bed.  Mommy has her angry face on and called me by my hospital name.  Am I in trouble?
11:41 am--Pat mommy on the hand.  She smiles.  Everything is fixed.
11:48 am--Mommy spots leftover ketchup on my face and tries to clean it.  I get mad....maybe I was saving it for later, okay?!
11:50 am--Figure out that if I turn my cup upside down and shake, water comes out.  Do this all over the living room floor. 
11:51 am--Mommy sees.  The angry face comes back.  This might call for two pats on the hand.
11:57 am--I have the urge to rip things.  Napkins sound good. 
11:58 am--Mommy isn't speaking to me.  This is definitely time for a hug.
11:59 am--Hug mommy.  Even pat her back a little.  She smiles and calls me "sweet baby."  She is so easy.
12:00 pm--Mommy is trying to get me to say "Love you."  Again.  I know how.  I just don't feel like it.
12:05 pm--We're in the car....road trip!
12:16 pm--"Party in the USA" comes on the radio.  Mommy dances and wants me to join her.  I'm just going to stare at her blankly and hope she stops.
12:17 pm--She puts in my Jake and the Neverland Pirates CD.  Now THAT'S my jam.  Proceed to rock out.
12:20 pm--Mommy tries to turn off Jake after just two songs.  I scream "Jaaaaake!" until she puts it back.  Success.
12:22 pm--Show mommy my new trick of gagging myself with three fingers.  She doesn't like it.  12:40 pm--Got to my cousin's house....non-stop playtime!!!
2:32 pm--Got a little sleepy.  Shook it off like a champ.
2:55 pm--Mommy keeps feeling my head and saying something about a fever.
3:15 pm--Leaving my cousins.  Sad time.  They have the best toys.
4:10 pm--Got home.  Mommy said something about wanting me to take a nap since I'm not feeling good.  She even turned on my nighttime sound machine.  Yeah, like that's gonna wor.........
5:33 pm--Woke up in my bed AGAIN!  How does this keep happening??
5:34 pm--Mommy used the stick thingy with numbers and said I don't have a fever anymore.  Like I care.
5:35 pm--Favorite time of day--dinner!  Spanish rice and corn.  Tip:  if you don't have half of your food on yourself by the end of the meal, you aren't doing something right.
6:00 pm--Daddy's home!!!  This means playtime, of course.
6:20 pm--Mommy said something about going out and went to go fix her hair.  I better go investigate.
6:22 pm--Found those wrappers in mommy's bathroom again.  I'm still suspicious of them being candy.  Decided to dump them for a double check.
6:23 pm--Still not candy.
6:24 pm--Helped mommy put them back in the box.  Maybe she'll give me real candy for helping.
6:35 pm--Aunt Dayna is here!!  Gosh, I love that redhead. 
6:37 pm--Mommy and Aunt Dayna are talking about leaving for a "girls night out."  I'm not invited?
6:40 pm--I decided to let mommy go to dinner.  Hope she doesn't think this is going to be a regular thing.  Guess I'll spend the rest of the night with daddy!  See you blogging peoples later! 



Rachel wilson said...

Great job Avery !! I think you would fit in well with my boys at home!!! I really liked your post:). Be sure to keep mommy running today!!

Kayla Rae said...

This is hilarious!

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