Dec 6, 2012

Holy Brooklyn's Bracelets Batman!

You guys are rocking my socks off with these Bracelets 4 Brooklyn orders.  Amazing, really.  As of the time of this post, I have 120 orders.  Break it down for me fellas:  120 bracelets.  $5 from each bracelet. = SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS for Erin, Daniel and Brooklyn.  But here's the deal.  We still have A LOT more to sell.  Sarah and I ordered 200 of each charms.  If we get an order explosion (I really hope so!) and we have more bracelets wanted than that, we can always order more charms.  So order your little heart away.  Did I hear you say you want a bracelet for every person in your family?  Excellent.  :)

Because we've had so many orders, I've had quite a few questions pop up.  I thought I'd do a brand spanking new post about the bracelets and offer more information about them. 

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Since our charms are located in China and shipping takes just near forever for them to come over to the United States, we don't have them yet.  And we don't have pictures of completed bracelets for you to see.  But I can promise you that they're going to be really, really close to this picture.  Bracelets are $8.  $5 of each purchase will be going to Brooklyn and another $1 will go to Kosair Children's Hospital (Brooklyn's hospital).


We have two charm options for you to choose from.  Believe (because we're Brooklyn's Believers!!) and Minnie Mouse (because Brooklyn is a huge Minnie fan....girl after my own heart).  The Believe charms ONLY COME IN THE COLOR PICTURED--BRONZE.  Minnie can be BLACK, SILVER OR BRONZE (PICTURED). 


For the "string" on your bracelet, we have MULTIPLE options to chose from.  Refer to the list below:

Pink--breast cancer               Purple--pancreatic cancer
Gray--brain cancer                Aqua--ovarian/cervical cancer
Brown--lung cancer               Orange--Leukemia
Light blue--prostate               Black--melanoma
Yellow--childhood                 Royal blue--colon
Kelly green--kidney               White--bone
Lime green--Lymphoma         Lavender--all other cancers
We also have a black cord material and brown leather material for the bracelets.

Now, just because I have the colors listed next to the cancers they represent, doesn't mean you have to choose them based on that.  If you're a UK fan and you want a royal blue color, but don't know anyone with colon cancer, go for it.  If your favorite color is kelly green, pick that one.  We're not picky.


1.  Our charms have been ordered, like I mentioned, from China.  We have been promised a 10 day to 2 week delivery, but you guys know how shipping is--it's never guaranteed.  Because of that, we cannot promise a bracelet for you by Christmas.  If you're buying this bracelet as a Christmas gift, shoot me an email ( and I can make you up a pretty little gift certificate or something for your recipient to let them know that they have an awesome bracelet on the way very soon.  That being said, I'm going to try my hardest to get these to you AS SOON as I get them.  That's why I'm taking pre-orders.  Anyone that has ordered a bracelet is down on a list that I keep with me.  If you've ordered a lime green believe bracelet, I have your order and your string will already be cut to size and ready for me to attach the charm when it comes in.  Pre-ordering is going to guarantee that you get your bracelet sooner.  If you wait until they come in, I may have 150 pre-orders ahead of you that's going to take priority before I can get to yours.  Moral of the story:  Pre-order peoples!!

2.  Also because our charms haven't been shipped from China, we aren't taking payments until we receive the charms in our grubby little hands.  Can you guys imagine what a headache it would be if we took all 120 of your payments and then there was an issue with the charms/shipping and we had to return ALL 120 orders back??  Shew.  So, we're going to wait.  You do have two options for payment.  We have an Etsy account set up--- .  If you want to pay online via PayPal, please let me know whenever you order.  When your bracelet is completed, I will notify you and I will make a reserved listing for you with your specific order details and total.  I made a sample on our Etsy page so you can see what it'll look like.  The listing will say "RESERVED LISTING FOR JANE DOE."  Only click on the listing that has your name, obviously.  If you're not comfortable with paying online, we will also be accepting CASH ONLY by mail.  No checks please.  When purchasing, let me know if you want to pay cash and I will send you my address for the cash to be sent. 

3.  We can do child sized bracelets as well.  Just specify when ordering if you want this option. 

SO!  To wrap everything order: send me a Facebook message, call me, text me, put a comment on this blog post, email me (, whatever is convenient for you. 
When ordering, please include the following information: 
  • Which charm you would like (believe or Minnie)
  • If Minnie, tell me what color (black, silver or bronze)
  • What kind or color cord you want
  • How many you'd like to order (50?  Great!!)
  • How you plan to pay (PayPal or cash)
  • Your address if you would like your bracelet to be shipped to you
I know this post was very fact-filled, but on an emotional level.....thank you.  Thank you for ordering a bracelet.  It may not be the most well-made or prettiest thing in the world.  But a big chunk of your money is going to a BABY fighting cancer.  You're showing human compassion and love for Brooklyn and her parents.  And I think that's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. 


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