Mar 8, 2013

Color Runnin' It. {part 2}

My favorite ideas are ones that come together with excitement and enthusiasm in a short amount of time.  That's the way this Color Run idea has happened....I posted on my blog yesterday afternoon about doing the Color Run, and within a couple of hours we had 8 members, costume ideas and possible team names.  I. Am. SO. Pumped.  Do you even realize?  Not only am I getting to do the Color Run (which is on my bucket list), but now our team is DISNEY THEMED.  With DISNEY COSTUMES.  Cue the Hallelujah Chorus.

Here's what we've decided on:  our team name is going to have something to do with the Dashing Disney Divas or something along those lines.  We're each choosing a Disney character.  You have to wear a white t-shirt (as required by the Color Run) and we're all wearing tutus to go along with our character.  This isn't a character that's been picked yet, but you get the idea:


Belle!  So you get the idea!  We're still playing with logos, but this seems to be the favorite so far:

Here's our team and characters chosen. 

If you can't tell, I'm EXCITED.  And our team is still open!  If you want to join, we're going to sign up online....if we sign up before April 1st, we get to register for $35 ($10 off the registration price). 

Here's a new development.  I've talked a lot about Brooklyn and all the amazing fundraisers that are happening to help out her family.  One of those events is a marathon, with all entry fees going to Brooklyn.  In addition, there's a 5K in memory of Addison Jo Blair--another little Elizabethtown girl that lost her battle with the same cancer that Brooklyn's been diagnosed with.  Another girl on my Color Run team thought that we could support these two local families by running (a.k.a. probably walking) these marathons as well.  Bonus?  We get to wear our super sweet outfits more than once.  Win-win people. 

If you're interested in Color Run-ning, running for Brooklyn or Addison and wearing AWESOME Disney themed tutus, let me know.  We'd love to have you :)


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