Mar 21, 2013

Welcome to my new home!

Several of you have told me that you can't wait to see pictures of our new house after I've decorated it.  Well, if that's the case, you'll be waiting for months :)  I'm still wading through boxes, piles of things that I don't have a place for yet and items that don't have a home.  It'll be a looooong time before this house is decorated the way I want it.  Plus, I don't want to rush and throw up a bunch of stuff on the walls just for the sake of having decorations.  I want to take my time and make sure that I'm putting up stuff that I really love that makes my house look good. 

With that being said, here's a little sneaky peek of some of the things that I have done, that I'm really super happy with....

Growing up, my mom had a "country/antique/Americana" kind of style.  And I HATED it.  If I never saw another antiqued piece of furniture or gingham print, it would be too soon.  Then, I got married and had a house of my own to decorate.  I found myself gravitating towards..... *gasp* .....antiques.  And rustic-y things.  And old wooden items.  Shocking, I know.  Right now, I'm really obsessed with window panes, old keys and wooden shutters.  Expect lots of those as I take you on a tour of my home in the future.  For now, here's a picture of our dining room wall and parts of my kitchen.

Gah.  I'm so in love with this navy wall.  When we moved in, this wall was yellow on top and a striped wallpaper on the bottom.  My future idea is to add wood to the bottom part of the wall to resemble bead boarding (found on Pinterest, of course).  That's a future kind of project, though. 

Now, the kitchen.  This kitchen is about to be overhauled.  In the very near future.  But for now, I'm working with what I've got. 

Cookbooks, farm animals, antique coffee tin and a rustic white picture frame?  I am my mother. 

SO excited about this one.  I've had this Dr. Pepper (my favorite drink) crate for practically forever.  I never really knew what to do with it.  In our old house, it sat above our cabinets, doing nothing.  In this house, the counter space in this kitchen is ridiculous.  Thus--a spice "rack" to hold my alphabetized (I hear you judging me) spices!  Hooray!  Also, Hammy the pig likes to watch me cook.  He was one of two animals in the clearance area at a local restaurant.  My sister took the sheep and I couldn't leave poor Hammy there by himself.  He's my kitchen friend....just not when I'm making bacon :)

 Lastly, the toaster oven my Meemaw bought me last year.  I LOVE it.  Doesn't it just SCREAM retro?!?  May seem silly to you, but I love the design of this toaster oven.  So cute.

That's it.  The rest of my house is a complete and total, undecorated disaster.  But I promise, the second I decorate it, you'll be the first to know. 


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