Apr 22, 2013


**Confession time**  I haven't started my Couch-to-5K training for the Color Run yet.  Because.......**super embarrassing confession time** I didn't own a pair of tennis shoes.  Wait, clarification:  I owned a pair of tennis shoes, but they were a boy's pair and were very tight and I hadn't worn them in years.  Not even really sure where they're located right now.  I LOATHE tennis shoes.  They're ugly with jeans, I would never wear them in public to just go shopping, and I didn't see the point in owning a pair. When I vowed to start my workouts, I realized this meant I would have to go buy a pair of tennis shoes.  Gag.  I tried to pump myself up and had visions of cute pairs of sneakers dancing through my head. With that idea, I walked into a local shoe store.  After looking at 3 pairs, I walked right back out.  Holy Super Expensive Rubber Shoes Batman!!  Tennis shoes are like $80+!  Who knew this information and didn't tell me?!  I could buy a rug for that much.  Heck, I could buy a one day pass to Disney World for that much.  No thank you.  After that, I kind of gave up on my shoe hunt and put working out on the back burner.  Until my mom so kindly pointed out yesterday that I hadn't started the Couch-to-5K  Yikes.  Nothing like your mother calling you out on a commitment you made and haven't done yet.  Less than an hour later, I was a proud owner of a pair of purple Ryka tennis shoes (don't worry...never heard of them either) from TJ Maxx for a whole $35 (God bless you TJ Maxx with your ridiculously marked down name branded merchandise). These suckers are comfortable too...they basically have an Orthopaedic sole (because I'm secretly 90 years old and have terrible back and knee problems).

Couch-to-5K, watch out!  Because here I come (now that I finally have the appropriate footwear *blush*)


Kammi said...

LoL at your hatre for tennis shoes! I'm not a fan either, but after I started running last summer, I quickly learned the importance of a good shoe. I have knee and {especially} back issues, myself. I wouldn't worry too much about training for The Color Run, though. A lot of people walk it/run parts of it. Runs like that one and Color Me Rad are mostly for fun. Good luck on the c25K training! You'll be surprised how great you feel after those 9 weeks are over. :)

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